4+ Graffiti Letters Functions Template

You probably have seen some examples of graffiti letters and you marvel of how great they can be. You have to admit that these letters are quite catchy and unique. They are visible from afar and they usually incorporate bold and bright colors. Of course, some colors are probably muted and soft but most of them are pretty catchy.

The History of Graffiti Letters

Graffiti started in the 70s and 80s – originally developed as the street art. People expressed their feelings through images and they were mostly bright with bold hues because they are meant to be catchy. The idea was to make those images seen or read – and they should be visible even from afar. It was considered a rebellious street act, but as time passes by, the development started to happen.

What was considered as a rebellious street act has turned into something more artistic and elegant. In the past, the graffiti was created on the walls but now they have been transferred to a piece of paper or any printed form. People started to see that when graffiti was brought to letter forms and shapes, the result can be quite impressive and amazing. You will get yourself a unique letter with odd shapes (in a good way, though) and also bold colors. Everything has its own catchy combination and it won’t be different from this graffiti letters.

What are the functions of the letters, anyway?

  • They can create a sense of creativity outlook which will make your printed forms look more appealing and attractive
  • If you use the attractive but easy to read letters, you can effectively convey the message and compel people to read
  • The letters will make your printer forms look more appealing and interesting

How to Make the Letters

So, how do you make the graffiti letters?

  • First of all, you make the outline of the letter. Let’s say that you are writing the word ‘Home’ then you should outline it on a piece of paper. Use the pencil for the outline.
  • Then add the lines by using a pen or a marker. The designs for the graffiti are generally quite scramble and unique. It can be intersecting, on top of each other, or connected. If you have other ideas, feel free to do so.
  • You can erase the outline and create a bold exact line for the letter.
  • Fill each of them with the base hue. Then add patterns or other details on the letter. Use other colors that will create an awesome contrast.
  • Those are the basic guide. Feel free if you want to add your sense of creativity, such as creating a floating word or an uneven level of each letter or such thing alike. Once you get the hang of it, everything can be easy.

In the end, this kind of letter will make your printed media look different from the others. If you don’t know how to make one, use the template to create the interesting form. After all, these graffiti letters are mostly appealing.

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