5+ Free Memo Templates Functions in Business

Are you always in a need of free memo templates that can help you with your professional routine? Not many people are familiar with the correct format and structure of the memo, especially in the business sector. However, you should know that knowing how to compose the right memo (for the right purpose) can be an added positive point. It will make you look professional and you definitely gain the respect (and trust) from your colleagues.


Understanding Memo

A memo is the short for memorandum, which means a reminder. This short written form is often used to communicate procedures, official business, or policies within organizations. A memo isn’t designed as the one-on-one communication purpose – it is more like one-to-all communication where one person (usually the leader or the one responsible for the project) is giving an announcement or message to the audience. There is nothing personal about the message because it isn’t intended as the interpersonal communication.

The purpose is to inform an action, event, observance of the specific group or to provide an update of a certain project. The basic purpose is to provide information but there is also an inclusion of persuasion or the encouragement to act. You’d be surprised to know that there are different kinds of memos, such as business memos, professional announcement report, or such thing alike. Not everyone will be familiar with the right format, that’s why knowing the templates can really help. And it is a good thing that there are free memo templates that everyone can access.

The Right Format

As it was mentioned before, a memo is basically a formal written communication so it should have the right construction and structure. For instance, it should come with a header, showing the sender as well as the intended recipient. It is then followed by subject and date lines, the message, the discussion, and the summary. Basically, you will see an introduction, the body, and also the conclusion.

Handy Tips to Write One

There are some things that you should know or address when you are writing the memo. Of course, when you have the free memo templates, the subjects are already provided. But there are some things to know about effective writing.

First of all, always think about the recipient or the audience. Let’s say that you want to inform the entire department about the conclusion of your team. Acronyms that are familiar to your team may not be familiar to everyone, so you need to really understand how to convey the message and achieve the goal. Put yourself in their shoes and you should be able to come up with the right format – and clear information.

Second, don’t forget that the memo uses formal and professional tone. You can’t use the non-formal, everyday language. Remember that the memo is about official information that generally goes linear, so don’t use friendly or casual tone. It is strictly business.

This is why it is great to have sources providing the templates. If you can get access to the free memo templates, it is even better.

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