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5E Lesson Plan Template for Increasing Learning Effectiveness for Children

Both parents and teachers need to find the best learning strategies. Well, through the right strategies, of course, learning could be done maximally and the result also will be better. That is why the 5E lesson plan template can be the consideration to be applied.

Do you ever hear about the 5E lesson plan before?

The 5E lesson plan can be a good and effective learning strategy for the teacher. This strategy supports inquiry-based instruction. On another hand, the 5E lesson plan also will discover the process to learn a new skill in a more effective engaging way.

Detail Contents of 5E Lesson Plan Learning Strategies

These are some points inside the 5E lesson plan to be known before running it as a good learning strategy. Well, to know more about it, the 5E inside this learning strategy is the code of:

  • Engage

Engage means an effort that is applied to get the curiosity of the children or the students. Curiosity is quite essential as the starting point in the learning process. By growing the curiosity, it means you –as the teacher or the parent, do not need to force the children and students to learn the lesson. It will flow naturally.

  • Explore

When the curiosity blooms and becomes a new spirit of learning, the second E to be done is exploring. The exploration here is quite useful to build the experience of the students in enjoying the learning process. A teacher needs to provide some tools that support the process.

  • Explain

Students that have some experiences through the exploration means having a new thing inside their mind. Here, the teacher could ask them to explain the result of the exploration. The explain point here is essential to know the achievement of the learning process and language ability.

  • Elaborate

The next E inside the 5E lesson plan to be done is elaborate. It is the development of the explanation strategy. Through the elaboration, of course, the students could get larger knowledge about the specific learning material.

  • Evaluate

The last point is evaluation. This point is quite essential to value whether the applied strategies are successful or not. When these are some lacks inside the strategies, of course, the new approach should be applied.

Steps to Make a Good 5E Lesson Plan

The 5E lesson plan can be a good strategy to be applied. However, these are some steps that can be applied to ease you in making it. Some steps to be done are:

  • What do you observe?
  • Make some hypothesizes
  • Analyze the detailed data and things to be concluded
  • Make the connections

Tips to Maximize 5E Lesson Plan

These are some tips to be done when you want to maximize the use of the 5E lesson plan. The tips are:

  • Make a clear learning plan
  • Detail the strategies to be applied
  • Note every progress of the students

5E Lesson Plan Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the 5E lesson plan template on this page. All samples will be quite useful to be the reference. You can get it by clicking the download button.

5E Lesson Plan Design Ideas

5E Lesson Plan Ideas

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