4+ Memo Format Template, the Proper Way to Compose One

Not many people understand the importance of the proper memo format in business. Memo isn’t the same as a scribble, especially in the professional business setting. If you know the right format, you can deliver the message effectively without making yourself look silly or not credible.


The Functions of a Memo

A memo is basically a written message, usually distributed internally within a company or an organization. It can be among members of a certain team or from the leader to their subordinates. The purpose of a memo is to announce or to inform – whether it is about an update or a new improvement that is often followed by a call to act.

When you are about to write a memo, there are some things to consider:

  • Ask yourself, do you REALLY need to have the memo? Can it be something that is talked or announced by phone or text message? Do you have to issue the memo right away? Can it wait?
  • Put yourself in their shoes. If you get such a memo, will you consider it seriously or you may just roll your eyes?
  • If you can get them to act, will they do it just you have expected?

How to Write the Memo

So, how is the right memo format?

  • Make sure to create the heading first. However, if the memo is included within an email (the body), the heading won’t be needed. Here is the common format:
  • Memo To: (the recipient(s))
  • From: the sender (and full name)
  • Date
  • RE: the subject specific line
  • CC: names of the people who will get the memo’s copy
  • Compose the body. There should be 3 components:
  • Introduction consisting of a short paragraph of why the memo is sent
  • Purpose or recommendation, where the background info, highlights, or key points are included. It can include reasons, examples, statistics, or facts
  • Conclusion consisting of the needed actions

Handy Tips for the Proper Format

There are some things –aside the right memo format – that you need to address before sending the memo:

  • Always and always check the memo – twice or three times if necessary.
  • The language should be direct and straightforward. It should be free from any typos with related points.
  • The memo should be addressed by looking into the recipients’ background, education, and status in the company. If it is between employees of a department, it may not be too formal. But if it is from the highest boss to the lowest structure, then the language should be formal.
  • Just use simple structure. One paragraph should have only one idea – mixing up everything isn’t only confusing but it will also make you less professional.
  • It would be perfect if the paragraphs are made short. If you have key details, use bullets to make it easy to read and understand.

The memo can be distributed through a regular way or through email. As long as you know that the format is correct, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Try on how to compose the memo with the right memo format.

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