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Curriculum Vitae Template for Any Job

When applying for a job, you need to submit an application letter along with curriculum vitae (CV). Compared to a resume, a CV contains more information including details of your education, achievements, etc. So, it is very important to discuss it further.

Sample of Curriculum Vitae

Now, let’s start with a curriculum vitae example below!


Raul Gimenez

1111 Win over Way

Houston, Texas 22022



Research Interest

Peninsular Literature, Latin American Literature, Hispanic Literature


Ph.D. in English Literature, 2009 – Houston University

Dissertation: Quixote Reborn; the Wanderer in US Hispanic Literature. Sancho Rodriguez, Chiar

M.A. in English, July 2016 – Houston University

B.A. in English, August 2014 – Houston University


Adjunct Lecturer: Houston University, Hispanic Studies Department, August 2019 – present.

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Lecturer, Houston University

  • Mexican-American Literature, English 2213
  • Women in Hispanic Literature, English 1122
  • France-American Short Story, English 3342

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Eastern University

  • Elementary English
  • Intermediate English


  • Mexico Study Abroad Summer Grant, 2019
  • UH Teaching Awards, 2018, 2019, 2021
  • Dissertation Fellowship, 2018


  • Classical Latin (written)
  • English (bilingual oral & written fluency)
  • France (native)


  • Modern Language Association
  • Culture Feminine
  • Association International of Literature
  • National Association of Lignite Arts & Cultures


How to Write Curriculum Vitae

When it comes to how to write a CV, you should understand the appropriate curriculum vitae format. Here is how to write it:

  • You will have to include your contact information first.
  • After that, you should include your education.
  • Then, you are required to make a skills section.
  • In the end, don’t forget to highlight your work experience if any.
  • You may also include other sections if needed.

People also ask

What Is a Curriculum Vitae?

In modern English, the CV can mean the course of one’s education & career. Institution that requests CVs are interested in one’s well-rounded credentials for the job. It differs from standard resumes that focus on competencies.

When Do You Use Curriculum Vitae?

In the US, curriculum vitae are usually used when applying for research, medical, scientific, education, and academic positions. It can also be used to apply for grants or fellowships. In Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, CV is required to submit rather than a resume.

What Should Not You Include in Curriculum Vitae?

When writing a personal curriculum vitae, there are a few details you shouldn’t include. Here, you shouldn’t include references, the reason you left your latest job, your salary history, and your photo. References should be separately listed & given to employers on request.

How Long Should a CV Be?

An entry-level CV ideally covers 2 to 3 pages. On the other sides, curriculum vitae for mid-level professionals, especially in medical research or academic roles, can run longer. It aims to ensure the content is relevant, concise, structured, and clear. It is also better to use bullet points.

How to Make a CV Impressive

There are a few tips to consider when creating a CV. A CV will be impressive if you keep it concise. Besides that, it is also a must to tell the truth. Then, you also need to check the format. In addition, don’t forget to proofread your CV.

How to Choose an Appropriate CV Format

Make sure that you select an appropriate CV format for the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for a fellowship, you don’t need to add your personal information because it is included in an international CV.

Curriculum Vitae with No Work Experience

Applying for a job is always challenging especially if you have no work experience. A candidate with more work experiences always has a bigger chance to be hired. If this is the first time you apply for a job, you can focus on your education, skills, and achievements to impress the recruiter.

Curriculum Vitae Template Word

This CV template is available in Word format. So, if you want to write a good CV, you can easily use it. Even more, it also allows you to edit it to fit your needs. This template will ease your task in writing your own CV.

Curriculum Vitae for College

Applying for a job shouldn’t wait until you graduate from your college. You can apply for a job and write a CV while you are still a student at a college. In the education section, the college you are studying shouldn’t be included. However, you can tell that you are a college student now.

Curriculum Vitae First Job

If you would like to write a CV as a job starter, you should be careful and make it as impressive as possible. Here, it is a good idea to add unpaid work experience. If you have internship, just include it to your CV!

Curriculum Vitae Sample

A CV should be written in an appropriate format & structure. If you have never written a CV before, you will need to pay attention and follow this curriculum vitae sample. However, make sure that the information included in based on your own. So, you should never lie with your information included.

Curriculum Vitae Example

If you have never written a CV before, you will need an example. This example will help you a lot in writing your own CV. You can use it as your reference so that your CV will be well-formatted. Then, the hiring employer will be impressed by your CV.

Free Curriculum Vitae Template

Why do you need this template? Besides customizable, this template is also free. You can use this template anytime and feel free to edit it to fit your needs. With this template, writing a CV will be effortless. So, you can save much time as well as effort.

After paying attention to the example and guidelines above, you can practice writing your own curriculum vitae. A CV has an important role in applying for a job. Through a CV, you can impress the hiring employer so that he or she can consider hiring you in the position you are applying for.



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