Resignation Letter To Whom It May Concern and the example 

When you want to resign from your company and you want to go through the proper process but you do not know who needs to be informed, you can write a resignation letter To Whom It May Concern. This letter is easy and it has the general type of resignation letter that is also formal and official to write.


What are the things to include in a resignation letter To Whom It May Concern?

To write this resignation letter To Whom It May Concern idea, you only need to write a polite and businesslike letter. This idea will help to increase your chances of receiving a positive reference. Therefore, you have to pay attention to language and grammar when you are writing the letter.

How to create a resignation letter To Whom It May Concern? 

Writing the resignation letter To Whom It May Concern template will be not difficult. You only need to know the process and steps to arrange the letter. Here are some of the steps to write:

  • You can begin to write this letter by choosing the proper format suitable for your job
  • You also need to include all the most important facts such as the exact effective date of resignation and your contact details
  • You can wish to not your reason for quitting the job in the body paragraph and enclose your letter by writing a sincere thank you for the experience you earned on the job

Tips to write a resignation letter To Whom It May Concern

Furthermore, you also need some ideas to make a resignation letter To Whom It May Concern format easy to read. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You have to write this letter in a brief so that you have to make it less than a page
  • Remember to use proper spelling and grammar at all times and write your official letterhead
  • Address your letter to the Human Resources Department to get it on the desk of the person who will be adding it to your life

The example of a resignation letter To Whom It May Concern

To facilitate you in arranging this letter, you also can read the resignation letter To Whom It May Concern example that will lead you to write the proper one. This example also can be used as your reference to write.

This is an example of the letter:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Bertrand Brown and I have been working in this design department of Express Design Company for about a year. Finally, I have recently experienced a family tragedy and will need to resign from my job, effective as soon as possible. Please note today April 1, 2016, as the date of my immediate resignation from Express Design Company. Thank you for your consideration and understanding. 

I do apologize for any inconvenience that my resignation that probably causes to Express Design Company and hopes that it is not a problem. If you have any questions or concerns due to this matter, please feel free to call me at 333-777-9903.

I have happy and enjoyed working at Express Design Company and it is too bad that I have to resign at this time. Thank you for the job experience and I will of course miss the rest of my department coworkers. I wish they get success and I appreciate your patience and cooperation with me at this time. 

Yours sincerely,


Ian Rush,


Express design Company 

That is all about a resignation letter To Whom It May Concern. You only need to include the important information to ensure the recipient about your resignation.


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