Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons and Its Sample

Whether you have a stressful problem in your life, a sensitive medical problem, or an unpleasant work situation, it may be better for you to resign from your job without broadcasting your reason. In this case, you should professionally send a resignation letter due to personal reasons to your boss.


What Is a Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons?

This is a kind of resignation letter sent by an employee to his/her employer stating that he/she is resigning from his/her current position at the company for personal reasons, not any other reasons. For example, the employee doesn’t like the job, the work hours, the teammate, etc.

Why Do You Need to Write a Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons?

It is very important for an employer to write such a letter because it shows that he/she is leaving the job not because of the work environment, the company, etc. but because of him/herself. In fact, an employee resignation may be caused by different factors. So, the reason must be clear.

How to Make a Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

To write this kind letter, you should follow these steps:

  • Make a salutation.
  • Directly state that you are resigning for personal reasons.
  • Explain your personal reasons that lead to resignation.
  • Thank to your employer for the employment.
  • Sign & date the letter.

Tips to Make a Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

There are some important tips to be considered when you make such a letter:

  • Keep it formal & gracious.
  • Don’t burn any bridges.
  • Keep it coordinal & factual.
  • Include all the needed information including your resignation exact date, the transfer of responsibility, and your contact details.

A Sample of a Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

The following sample can be used for your reference:


Dear Mrs. White,

Through this letter, I notify you that I’ll resign from my job at your company as an assistant for personal reasons. I’ll still work here until January, 15th, 2021. Please accept my resignation. I really regret the inconvenience caused by my resignation. I’ll honestly help facilitate the transition.

In my final weeks, I’ll try to finish my project. If I cannot, I’ll transfer my duties to the appropriate team. I can also help you in training a replacement if needed. If you need to discuss with me, just feel free to call me at (111)-111-1111.

I’m grateful for the valuable experience during I work here. I hope I’ll be able to work here again in the future and help your company develop. I wish your company will continue its success after my resignation. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. I hope you will understand my decision.

Yours sincerely,

Marica Kitty


MNC Group, Inc.


That is all about a resignation letter due to personal reasons. If you face a similar situation, you must be able to write such a letter on your own. So, you can leave your job professionally without blaming others.



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