12+ Dragon Drawings Template Appeal and Interest

You may be thinking about collecting dragon drawings if you are into the mythical creature. Wait, why dragons, anyway? What makes the creature so popular and somewhat interesting? What part of the charm that creates a constant appeal to dragon lovers – despite the fact that the creature has never existed or it is just what it is, a mythical creature. You have to admit, though, that high quality drawings of the dragons will always appeal a lot of people, especially if the drawings are highly artistic.

The Popularity of the Dragon

The fuss about dragon drawings has been happening for quite a while because there is an element of curiosity there. Some of the mythical creatures we know are quite exotic but nothing can seriously match the power and strength of a dragon. Dragons are big and powerful and yet they have wings and they are able to fly. How cool is that?

It seems that they have all the elements of current animals we know today. Their scaly skins are similar to the fish and yet the scales of the dragons are believed to be super thick and strong – providing great protection for them. They have wings like the birds, allowing them to elegantly fly and soar through the sky. They have long tails like the lizards that also serve great for protection and defense. Their long, heavy, and sometimes thorny tail can be deadly and dangerous. And as if it weren’t enough, they have fire – they breathe fire! How can you not be appealed by all of these amazing characteristics?

Dragons are often portrayed as the powerful and majestic creatures. They aren’t animal, mind you, because they are different from the animals we know – especially in the animal kingdom. Some stories depict dragons as evil and destructive, while some depict them as gentle creatures. If all of these facts still don’t wow you to like dragons, I don’t know what else will.

Why Dragons Are Popular?

Here is the question that remains until now: why are dragons so popular? What makes people attracted to it, even through the pictures or images?

  • First of all, dragons are always associated with strength and power. This is one of the most common appeals that make people like the creature. They like the power and strength associated with it.
  • There is a sense of mystery and also curiosity when we are talking about the dragons. Besides being exotic, dragons are somewhat mysterious. In some cultures, the ancient records had writings about the dragons –which kind of making you wonder “Was such a creature existed? Even long time ago?”
  • In dragon drawings the creature has this unique and artistic element. The shape, the form, the elegance….all of the appealing aspects that are appealing.

Making the drawing isn’t easy but you can always use the template to start – it will be your guide. Having the template will hone your skills. It will help you learn more and more about the details of a dragon. That’s why you can collect as many dragon drawings templates as possible so you create your own dragon image.

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