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4 x 6 Card Template Samples for Different Purposes

A card, also well known as a postcard, is very useful for different purposes. It can be used to advertise something, invite someone, etc. It usually comes in a piece of thick paper with an attractive design. It is available in different sizes. Here, we will focus on discussing a 4 x 6 card template.

4 x 6 Card Template Samples

A PSD 4 x 6 card template varies depending on the uses. One of the examples is a business card. It usually introduces or advertises certain products or services. Besides that, there is also a membership card where it is launched by a community or organization.

The next sample is a birthday card. It becomes an alternative of a birthday invitation. Then, a wedding card is used to invite people to a wedding party. Trading card is the next sample. This card usually contains information & software only.

How to Write a 4 x 6 Card Template

What to write on a 4 x 6 card template PSD depends on the type of card itself. For example, if you want to create a business card that offers computer reparation, you should make people easy to notice what you offer. You may write “Broken Laptop/PC? Let us fix it!”

After that, you need to write what services you offer. You can present your services in a list to make it easy to understand. Then, it is also a good idea to state estimated prices to show that your services do not cost high. In addition, do not forget to include contact details there.

Tips for Designing a 4 x 6 Card Template

When it comes to 4 x 6 card template PSD designs, there are some tips to make it interesting. First, you have to keep it simple. You have to make your message able to be delivered clearly but you do not need to write it too detail. Besides that, you should also state your strengths over others.

Then, you also need to think about colors. It does not only relate to background but also font color. Related to fonts, you must choose the font type and size, too. One more, does not forget to add a relevant image to make it more attractive.

Customizable 4 x 6 Card Templates

As we know, creating a 4 x 6 card is not easy. It can be a bit frustrating because it takes a lot of time & effort. So, you should use our template for an effortless way. Actually, you can find sample templates easily on internet but our collections offer the better options.

For your information, all of the PSD 4 x 6 card sample templates available in this article is free to download. Besides that, they are also easy to edit. Even more, all of them come with creative designs. In addition, they are ready to print, too.

So, just feel free to pick your preferred 4 x 6 card template. After that, you are allowed to edit it to fit your needs. It is a good idea to use Adobe Photoshop to change the colors, fonts, etc. Then, you can start printing when it is ready.

Download Template

File Description File size Downloads
card template psd template free 23 MB 268
card template template free psd 3 MB 271
card template example psd design 14 MB 278
card template free download psd 5 MB 263
card template free psd template 6 MB 267

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