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Best 10+ 4 x 6 Envelope Template Samples

An envelope is used for different purposes. It may be fulfilled with a letter, postcard, etc. Envelopes are available in various sizes. One of the sizes of an envelope is 4×6”. In this article, we will focus on discussing a 4 x 6 envelope template.

What Is a 4 x 6 Envelope Best for?

A 4 x 6 envelope template PSD is also well known as an A4 envelope. This is an invitation envelope that can be used for different purposes. For example, it is excellent for an RSVP card. Besides that, this kind of envelope is also often used for an announcement.

Then, you can also use it for a note. In addition, it will also be perfect for a 4×6” photo. And there are still many other uses of this envelope. Anyway, it is called a 4 x 6 envelope because it is the best envelope for a 4 x 6 card.

4 x 6 Envelope Template Samples

If you are looking for 4 x 6 envelope template PSD samples, this article is just for you. One of the examples is a corporate envelope template. Besides that, a golf invitation card envelope also belongs to one of the examples.

Of course, there are still many other sample templates available here such as a greeting card envelope, birthday invitation envelope, wedding envelope, envelope for Father’s Day, etc. Because there are so many options, make sure that you choose the most appropriate one for your needs.

4 x 6 Envelope Template Ideas

4 x 6 envelope template PSD designs are available in various ideas. It relates to the theme used for the envelope. One of the ideas is a chick bird 4×6 envelope. Besides that, a yellow color custom 4×6 envelope also belongs to the most beautiful ideas.

Then, there is also a sleeping baby 4×6 envelope template that looks cute and sweet. The next idea is a 4×6 peer green envelope. And there are still many other ideas you can find. To impress the recipients, you have to choose the most attractive design idea.

How to Design a 4 x6 Envelope

A PSD 4 x 6 envelope templates should be designed properly. You can make it general or customized. For a general envelope, you just need to add an image. For example, you add the image of balloons, flowers, etc. depending on your desire.

For a customized envelope, you need to write something. For example, you write “Happy Father’s Day to My Wonderful & Charming Dad”. For a birthday envelope, you may write “You are invited to my birthday party”. For a wedding envelope, it is a good idea to write the couple’s names.

Now, it is time for you to create your own envelope. If you need helps and inspiration, just feel free to pick and use your preferred 4 x 6 envelope template. If you want to edit it, you can use an editing program like Adobe Photoshop. Then, you can directly print it out when it is ready.

4 x 6 Envelope Design Ideas

4 x 6 Envelope Ideas

4 x 6 Envelope Example

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