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4×6 Flyer Template for Maximizing Business Promotion

No matter the kinds of your business, the 4×6 flyer template can be a good idea to increase the promotion. As we know, a unique promotion is a must to get higher attention from the targeted customers. Well, the flyer has all matters that could maximize the effort.

The flyer itself is known as a sheet of paper that consists of an image and some detailed information of products. It is applied for marketing and promotion. Then, in common, a flyer will be distributed directly to potential customers in public areas.

Here, we will talk to you about the flyer and its complete elements. For those who are curious about it, please read the following writings below.

Why is 4×6 Flyer Effective for Promotion?

We are sure that many ways of promotion with the different strategies are available. However, these are some reasons why using a flyer is effective to gain more customers in your promotion program.

Substantively, a flyer includes an old marketing strategy but it is still effective. This promotion idea can be applied to do direct promotion. Here, you can spread a flyer of your products at the doorsteps and you could reach a wide range of promotions in a smaller time.

On another hand, a flyer becomes a unique promotion strategy with high creativity. You could make a unique design for the flyer just to interest potential customers.

Elements of 4×6 Flyer to Apply

To make a good flyer, of course, you need to know the elements of it. The elements here will influence the result of your flyer and how effective this promotion strategy is.

The clear purpose becomes the first element that you need to apply. Here, you could lock the purpose by focusing on one aspect that you want to promote by using the flyer.

On another hand, you need to make a popping headline. Here, the headline will be the first matter to amaze the readers –as potential customers. Try to make clear and interesting headlines, so the potential customers will be more interested in your flyer.

Mistakes to Avoid in Making a 4×6 Flyer

Another matter to know before making a good flyer for promotion is avoiding some mistakes. The mistakes will decrease the effectiveness of the flyer. That is why you need to avoid doing some mistakes in creating the promotion strategy.

Some mistakes to avoid here are:

  • Using the poor font option that will make the texts are hard to read
  • Forgetting to include the contact information
  • The complete messages inside the flyer cannot explain the product clearly
  • The wrong grammatical and misspelled words inside the texts of the flyer
  • A complicated design of the flyer that decreases its uniqueness
  • An unclear image to represent the products inside the flyer

4×6 Flyer Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the 4×6 flyer template on this page. All templates are free to download and it is available on the PSD files, so editing it will be easier. Just click the download button and then get the file to your disk.


4×6 Flyer Design Ideas

4×6 Flyer Ideas

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