10+ Student Curriculum Vitae Templates


Student Curriculum Vitae Templates with Lack of Work Experience

Curriculum vitae (CV) showcase your academic & professional credentials. A CV is required when you apply for a higher education or work position. Considering the importance of a CV, we will discuss how to write it. You can pay attention to the student curriculum vitae templates here.

Student Curriculum Vitae Template Sample

If you need a student curriculum vitae template sample, you can see this:

Tiara Davos

111 Parklands Avenue NW, Apt 433



Personal Statement

A dedicated chemistry undergraduate with 1.5 years of experience in industrial chemistry. Specialized in the use of statistical tools, digital chromatography, and condensate analysis. Looking to improve my knowledge at the quality assurance department of your company.


Las Vegas State University

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

May 2018

Cum Laude

GPA: 3.8

Honors & Awards

Dean’s scholarship of $4,000/year


“Seismic effect of fractal exploration of oil on the American praine: A metastudy”

Submitted for review to Journal of Industrial Chemistry. December 2019.


Las Vegas State University

Department of Chemistry

Research Assistant

August 2018 – June 2019

  • Helped Prof. Jorgenson in research on fractal analytics.
  • Assisted postdoctoral researches in analysis & data entry in SPSS.
  • Conducted a field survey to determine the local communities’ opinion on a gas project.

Employment History

MSU Student Science Club

July 2018 – July 2019

Assistant Treasurer

  • Gathered annual dues & issued receipts to club members.
  • Participated in the meetings of the club executive.
  • Referred students to proper administrative officials when needing financial assistant.
  • Complied the club’s financial records & recommended ways to raise funds.


  • SPSS
  • Practical analytics
  • Use of fractional distillation equipment
  • Data analysis

Hobbies & Interests

  • Mountaineering
  • Water sports
  • Reading

How to Write Student Curriculum Vitae

To write student curriculum vitae, just follow these steps:

  1. Use the proper format & structure!

Before getting started, you have to determine the proper structure & format so that your CV looks professional and legible.

  1. Study the position & the employer!

To help you determine the education & skills to add on your curriculum vitae, it is important to research the employer as well as the position.

  1. Begin with a captivating objective or personal statement!

It is a good idea to lead with a compelling personal statement highlighting your education, skills, & achievements. The personal statement should summarize who you are, your education, & experience, your ambition, as well as what you will bring to an employer or a position.

  1. Be creative with your educational qualifications!

If you lack extensive work experience, you can be creative by expanding your education section. You can add relevant subjects, projects, coursework, awards, & grades.

  1. Expand your work experience!

If you don’t have any paid work experience, you can still include team activities, internships, placements, and volunteer work in your curriculum vitae. These will not only help you highlight your workplace skills but also demonstrate your passion.

  1. Make other sections!

If you want to highlight your skills, it is a good idea to add an additional skills section. It lets you mention soft, hard, & general competencies as well as your proficiency level. It will also be better if you include achievements like awards, recognition, & responsibility position at school.

  1. Proofread & edit!

Before you send your student CV template, don’t forget to proofread it first! If you find any mistakes or errors, you can directly edit them. Typos & grammatical errors are the most common mistakes.

People also ask

What Should a Student CV Include?

A student CV should contain the following information:

  • Contact or personal details including your full name, address, phone number, and email.
  • Personal profile. This is a short yet powerful introduction of you.
  • Work experience. It describes the jobs as well as work experience you have already had.
  • Education & qualifications. Just write your most recently completed study first!

Student Curriculum Vitae with No Work Experience

There are a few things you cannot include in your curriculum vitae template: Badly formatted CV, a long & waffly CV, references to your student CV, misleading information or lying, unexplained gaps in employment, spelling, punctuation, & grammatical errors, & irrelevant personal information.

Student Curriculum Vitae Template Word

To put your contact information to your CV, you should start with your first & last name. After that, you can continue with your phone number. Then, you have to include your professional email address. If needed, you can add your social media & web.

Student Curriculum Vitae for College

The objective of your CV should be written right below the contact information. It must be short and snappy. You should make it about your employer’s gain, not your personal benefit. This is the trick and formula to impress the hiring employer.

Curriculum Vitae for Student First Job

You may have no professional experience. In this case, you can think about the smallest activities. Even more, you can consider unpaid work experience because it will still count. Just be sure that you can and have relevant experience.

Student Curriculum Vitae Sample

How to write a student CV depends on the highest degree of your education. You just need to put your highest degree. However, you still need to write your bachelor’s degree if you’ve done or are doing a master’s degree. You can see our sample for your reference.

Student Curriculum Vitae Example

In your CV, make sure that you include your degree, the institution’s name, graduation date/prospective graduation date if you are still in the school and your major & minors. To make it more impressive, you can add your relevant coursework, favorite study field, academic achievements, etc.

Free Student Curriculum Vitae Template

You can find student curriculum vitae templates easily on the internet. The example above can be your reference for writing your own CV. Make sure that you also follow the guidelines above. Keep in mind that your CV brings the first impression to the hiring employer.


Student Curriculum Vitae Templates Sample

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