Termination Letter Due to Lack of Work and Its Sample 

The termination letter due to lack of work will be important to arrange when you find the employee lack of work. This letter is usually used when a company needs to terminate an employee for reasons that were not directly caused by their own performance. Therefore, you have to arrange this letter properly.


What is the importance of a termination letter due to lack of work?

The letter has an important role to restructure, economic downturns, mergers, relocations, buyouts, and other outside factors. This termination letter due to lack of work idea has to clearly inform the employee that they have been laid off. You also need to explain their next step suitable with the benefits, pay, and company property.

How to create a termination letter due to lack of work

When you are arranging this termination letter due to a lack of work template, you need to follow some of the steps when you are arranging this letter. Here are some of the steps to follow:

  • To begin writing your letter, you have to address the employee by name and getting straight to the point
  • You also need to notify the employee that she or he will be losing a job due to economic condition
  • Your letter has to inform the employee of the specifics of the decision

Tips to make a termination letter due to lack of work

To write this letter, you also will need some tips to make it better. The tips will make your termination letter due to lack of work format easy to read. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You need to convey your appreciation for the employee’s hard work or years of service
  • You also need to focus and concise with containing information related to the date of termination and details regarding pay and benefits
  • You have to include the positive information that will help to protect the employee’s self-esteem

The example of a termination letter due to lack of work

Your letter will be interesting when you read the termination letter due to a lack of work examples. This example will lead you to write a letter. It also can be used as your reference to write the letter as well.

This is an example of the letter:

Dear Thomas, 

I am writing this letter with deep regret that I must inform you that effective September 1, 2017, your position as the designer will be terminated. I know you are aware that we have experienced a significant customer downturn over a year. When we have cut costs in other areas, the savings is not enough.

Over the next month, we also will reduce our workforce from 50 employees to 25 employees. We believe that loyalty is a two-way street. We really appreciate the loyalty of our employees and therefore have decided to retain the employees with the greatest seniority. 

Enclosed this letter, you will find a letter of recommendation. I support you to send this letter along with your resume to prospective employers. You probably give it to employers during an interview. Thomas, I have thoroughly happy to work with you. I wish you will keep in touch in the future.



Tony Clark 

Mr. Tony Clark, the Owner of Beauty Design Industry

That is all about a termination letter due to lack of work. You also can include additional information to ensure the recipient about their feeling about work.

a termination letter due to lack of work is the best idea when your company has problems due to the economic slowdown, customer down, and so forth.



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