Academic Suspension Appeal Letter and Its Sample

Many universities and colleges offer early assistance to students who start falling behind in their classes. Those who cannot keep up for any reason may find themselves suspended from the university for a time period. In this case, a student needs to write an academic suspension appeal letter.


Can You Appeal an Academic Suspension?

If you’re notified that you’ve been placed on an academic suspension, you can appeal the decision. Here, you must be advised that an appeal is rarely granted. However, it can be considered in cases where there were extreme circumstances out of your control interfering with your academic work.

How Do You Win an Academic Appeal?

Appealing an academic suspension requires a few tips below:

  • If possible, do it in person.
  • Be honest in writing an appeal letter.
  • Parents have to stay on the sidelines.

How to Make an Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

The step by step how to make such a letter is provided below:

  • Outline the reasons for your poor academic performance.
  • State that you take full responsibility for your poor performance.
  • Don’t try to blame the situation on professors and other persons.
  • Discover who must receive such a letter.
  • Create arrangements to personally deliver it.
  • Attach appeal forms and other documents needed by the university in the process of appeal.

Tips to Make an Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

Creating such a letter should consider the following tips:

  • It should use the proper format.
  • It must contain all the needed details.
  • You have to be honest and trustworthy.
  • Keep it concise, brief, and easy to understand.
  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar.
  • Proofread it to avoid errors and mistakes.

Academic Suspension Appeal Letter Sample

For your reference, we provide a simple example of a letter for an academic suspension:


Dear Dr. Bram,

Through this letter, I admit my mistakes. I also request a reconsideration of my academic suspension from NY City University. I’ve struggled with dyslexia my whole life. However, I’ve worked hard to learn reading, studying, and comprehending my class work. For your information, I took tutoring classes as well as employed techniques taught to me by experts to compensate for my learning disability.

After in college, I made a foolish choice to refrain from attending workshops & tutoring classes for students with my learning disability. Then, I was determined that I can make good grades without additional helps. Even though I’m grateful for the services provided to me, I was tired of the time I had to spend in taking advantage of the resources for those with learning disabilities.

Now, I decide to take full advantage of all services provided by your college for students with dyslexia & any other learning disabilities. So, please reconsider my academic suspension & give me the chance o show what I can do with the right support.


Erin Ryan


That is all about an academic suspension appeal letter. If you are student with a similar situation, you should write your own letter for an academic suspension appeal.



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