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Making Your Acting Resume Stand Out

Whether you just enter your acting career or are an experienced thespian, you should submit an acting resume when you join an audition. It is challenging to write such a resume. You have to be able to convince the hiring manager & casting director the special traits making you the best fit for the role.

How to Make an Acting Resume

An actor resume is different to a resume seeking a traditional position. There are some steps you will need to follow for writing it:

  1. Relate it to the role!

You have to ensure that your resume relates to the role you’re pursuing. It includes your relevant experience, skills, & training.

  1. Add your contact details!

You need to write your contact information including your name, your role, your phone number, & your email address.

  1. Describe your physical characteristics!

It is important to describe your physical traits including your clothing size, eye color, hair, weight, and height.

  1. Format the summary or objective of your resume!

If you just start your acting career, you can opt for a resume objective highlighting the role you are after as well as how you plan o use your skills. If you have experience, you may write a resume summary in order to showcase your acting history, awards, and skills.

  1. List acting role in a reverse-chronological order

Now, you should make a list of your acting experience in a reverse-chronological order. If you just enter your acting career, you can list the roles you’ve taken on in a community theater project. In addition, your acting resume template should leave out the dates of your past experience.

  1. Add your education & training

It is always important to include your education as well as acting training. You should list your school or university’s name, the date you graduated, and also your degree. It is also a good idea to include special certifications if any.

  1. Highlight your unique skills

If you have skills and experience with choreographing & executing stunt scenes, make sure that you showcase them on your resume. The more specialized & unique your skill sets are, the more interesting you will be.

  1. Include any accolades or awards

If you have any notable accomplishments or acting awards, you can include them on your resume, too.

  1. List any popular references or directors

If there are some professional references or reputable directors you have in your network, make sure that you include them. You can also state if you had a role in an award-winning film directed by someone who is internationally recognized.

  1. Attach your resume to your headshot

Finally, you need to proofread & print it. Therefore, you can attach it to the back of your headshot. Make sure that your actor resume sample fits on a one-page, 8×10-inch sheet of paper.

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What Special Skills Should You Put on Your Acting Resume?

It is a good idea to include your special skills. The following skills will be effective to make your resume stand out:

  • Teamwork skills

An actor should have experience working on a team, from producers & directors to other actors & production teams.

  • Time management skills

It is crucial to maintain an acting role if you can track your time spent in rehearsals, during pre-production, & preparing for production.

  • Interpersonal skills

Since an actor works with a diverse range of colleagues, you have to be able to build & maintain personal and professional relationships to succeed in the industry.

  • Emotional intelligence

Playing a character depends on the ability of an actor to empathize with a story. The ability to take on a functional role complete with emotions & thoughts depend on the emotional intelligence of an actor.

  • Special skillets

To take on various character roles, it may need special skills such as musical talents, stunt coordination, choreographic work, & other unique skills.

Acting Resume with No Work Experience

An acting resume sample template should be written carefully. Under your relevant experience, list the production’s name, your role, & the production company. Then, make an acting resume for specific roles. Keep your acting resume one page in length. It is also better to stick with a professional font.

Acting Resume Template Word

Now, you have to avoid printing your acting résumé on the back of your headshot because the acting industry makes art for different mediums such as stage acting, theater, full-length films, web series, and TV series.

Acting Resume for College

If you’re applying for a TV role & your acting resume is formatted to showcase your theater experience, you should directly print it on your picture so that you should start over to relate your own resume to TV acting. If you’ve printed multiple copies & headshot, it makes your prior work unusable.

Resume for Acting Career First job

If you just enter your acting career, you just need to highlight your education & training in your acting resume. You can begin with the list of your recent acting roles along with your recent professional training.

Acting Resume Sample

If you need a sample for an acting resume, you can find it here. With the sample, you will be able to know about the appropriate format and structure. So, you can write your own resume for an acting career properly.

Acting Resume Example

If you took on a part for a theatrical production when you were a student, you may include it in your acting resume. It is also a good idea to list your unique skills such as special award for excellence or a second language. Our resume example will help your own acting resume stand out.

Free Acting Resume Template

Applying for an acting role is very challenging. So, you have to be able to make your acting resume stand out. Make sure that you pay attention to resume template above. You can also follow the format of the example above and write with your own education, skills, and experience.


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