Know The Following Responsibilities Before Writing A Hospital Social Worker Cover Letter

The hospital social workers have important roles in improving the patients’ well being. This is not a surprise if this position is fulfilled with a big number of applicants. They are placed in the front line to face the patients and the families to guide them in financial or critical decisions. If you are a person who has a passion for this field, writing the hospital social worker cover letter is necessary.


What Are The Job Description Of A Hospital Social Worker?

There are many responsibilities to handle as a hospital social worker. In short, you  will be assigned to do the following tasks:

Perform Screening Process

When an individual has a history of mental illness, a hospital social worker will take the screening process for them. They will perform various assessments related to the patients’ financial, environmental and social needs. This will help determine a diagnosis.

Patient Counseling and Education

The patients and their families must be suffering from various difficulties whether financially or mentally. This is why the hospital social worker is there. They help the patients and families cope with their difficulties. Besides, they also give education related to health insurance coverage, resources, and others.

Discharge Planning

Before the patients are discharged, the social worker will prepare some arrangements such as how they pay for the medication, connecting them with social service providers, and home care service.

Patients Advocacy

This is one of the main tasks of the hospital social worker. They make sure the patients’ wishes are fulfilled. They become the bridges between healthcare and patients and make sure they advocate the patients’ rights.

A Sample Of Hospital Social Worker Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Nakamura,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in an open position as a Hospital Social Worker. I am confident that my credentials match the requirements.

I have graduated with a master’s degree in social work major. I have also completed the requirements through an internship where I provided counseling for patients under professionals. I have also passed various examinations for certifications and licenses in this field.

My skills include the ability to assist professionals in explaining and guiding patients and families about the procedures and policies. Besides, I also can help patients to connect with the home care service and provide the resources to ease them getting the help they need.

I have excellent problem-solving skills. I am used to keeping and arranging documents neatly. Furthermore, I am also willing to travel to another area to do a follow-up.

Even though this field can be very emotional, at the same time this job is very rewarding. I am more thank being thankful if you give me a chance to explain my potential. Please don’t hesitate to reach me by phone at (6767) 6767-6767.





Patricia Wood

Enclosure: Resume

The hospital social worker is an essential element in the health care center. Besides educating patients and family, they also help doctors and other medical professionals to work properly based on the patients’ needs. Write the hospital social worker letter using our example. We hope our tips help you.

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