Important Notes before Writing a Freelance Writer Cover Letter

Do you like writing? Want to make a living from writing? Here, in this article, we give you an insight on making writing your career: the prospect, tips, and sample of a good freelance writer cover letter as a guide to start your professional career.


The Prospect: Is the Payment Good?

Well, the payment indeed varies depends on what kind of writing work you are taking and how long is your experience in this field. Don’t worry; we will give you some references for it. Check it below.

  • According to, a beginner to an advanced freelance writer earns between 10 cents to $1 per word.
  • com said that a blog writer paid about $50 per 500 words.
  • A survey at stated that most first year writers earn $10 or less per hour. A beginner can get about $20 for writing a short post on a blog.

The payment will get higher the more experience you got and the more complicated your task is. Some advanced writers can

I am an Inexperienced Writer. What Should I do?

Here are some keys to start your career as a content writer:

  1. Write in your blog.
  2. Write on someone else’s website (guest post).

You can search on Google for the website and find the topic you are interested in. Try typing “Write for us”.

  1. Write your professional portfolio at some Jobsites or your own website.
  2. Write your freelance writer cover letter.
  3. Make many samples of your work as possible.
  4. Use social media.

Where Can I find This Kind of Job?

  1. Using some job sites (LinkedIn, Upwork, Craigslist, etc.);
  2. By sending your freelance writer cover letter to a potential client;
  3. Open Google, type “write for us” and find your own potential client;
  4. Referral by your freelance writer friends (The most effective one).

Here we Give you the Sample of a Good Freelance Writer Cover Letter:

Dear Mr. Edison,

I have been writing hundreds of articles about traveling and I was excited to acknowledge recruitment for a content writer at Trips Magz. As a freelance writer for five years, I have written many kinds of articles in any kind of themes, but I can say that writing travel articles are my favorite.

My bachelor degree in English has helped me sharpen my skill in writing, especially for grammar and structures of writing. I am trained to make my article interesting by keeping me updated with the trends around the world. I also write in my own blog while learning how to make contents with a good SEO strategy.

In my spare time, I keep myself productive by reading and traveling to improve my skills. Writing and traveling are what I have been living for. For those reasons above, I am hoping that you are willing to review my portfolio and samples I had attached to this letter. I am looking forward to meet in person and discuss further about my candidacy as a writer for your magazine. You can reach me at my e-mail ( or by phone at (999) 9999-99999. Thank you for spending your valuable time in reviewing my resume.



Jennifer Kay


Finally, here is the end of the tour. How far do you get? Let’s start making your own freelance writer cover letter now! Good luck!


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