Tips To Write A Teacher Resignation Letter And The Example

Resign from a workplace is a hard decision to do. Before you resign, we suggest you create a teacher resignation letter, so your school is able to understand your current situation. If you feel this article is interesting, you can read the explanation below to get further information related to this letter.


How To Notify Your Resignation To The School?

Once you think you want to resign from the school, it is better for you to notify them in person. Yet, you can also create a teacher resignation letter and send this letter through email or post it. But we do not suggest you notify your resignation by phone because it is not good etiquette.

How To Write A Proper Teacher Resignation Letter?

After you know when the right time to notify your school, now you can read this part carefully to know what you need to pay attention to your letter. Check the tips to create a resignation letter below.

Be Professional

At this point, it is recommended to make the letter short, yet clear and understandable. Also, do not use offensive language and expression while telling your reasons for leaving. Do not forget to thank them for giving the opportunity to you. You can also offer help before you leave your job.

Consider The Time You Resign

This tip is really crucial because you must consider the time before leaving. It is suggested to not leave in the middle of the school year, so there will be no burden for you and the school once you resign.

The Sample Of Teacher Resignation Letter

As guidance for you, we have provided an example of a resignation letter for a teacher that you can use. Feel free to edit this since it is an editable example.

Dear Principal Monica,

I would like to tell you that I have decided to resign effective at the end of this school year. With mixed emotions, I have to leave this position as a teacher at Sun Flower Elementary School because I need to take care of my baby. As you know, I just gave birth in December 2020, after my husband and I have considered all variables and it would be better if I stay home to raise our baby and be a full-time parent.

During my remaining time in this school, I would be happy if I could help

I want to thank you and the staff for the experience and opportunities you gave me during my period time here. I appreciate all of your caring when I have a baby shower back then. If you have any questions or demands related to the teaching matters, please kindly let me know via phone at 123-(1231)-1212 or via email at




Virginia Warren


In conclusion, the teacher resignation letter provided above is hoped to be useful for you. You can take a note of points that you think it is essential in making the letter. Also, you can custom your own resignation letter according to your own needs. Good luck!



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