5+ Risk Register Template Sample

Managing Risk with Risk Register Template Sample


If left unchecked, the potential for risk could threaten your business. The control must be taken immediately and take proactive steps to prevent it. To prevent this from happening, you need to know how to make a risk register using a risk register template sample.

Risk Register Template Sample

The risk register is the result of the application of risk management, which consists of processes that must be carried out simultaneously. It identifies potential risk events that affect business targets and their root causes, accompanied by documentation of the characteristics of those risks.

In making a risk register, you need to know what do they look like. Here is an example of a useful risk list template. With a risk register template sample, you can easily make your risk register to swerve your business around some unwanted risk.


Things about Risk Register Template Sample

If you already have your risk register template sample, you will notice that there are a few details on it. Those details are important. Some important things that usually must be present in a Risk Register are as follows:

  • Risk Category

Which are the risks in a project?

  • Risk Description

A brief description of the risks to be faced

  • Project Impact

The impact that the project will feel from this risk

  • Likelihood

The probability of the risk being identified


  • Consequence

If the risk does occur, what are its implications on the project?


  • Risk Rank

How essential or severe is this risk?


  • Risk Trigger

What are the triggers for this risk?


  • Risk Preventive Plan

How to prevent so that the risk does not occur


  • Risk Contingency Plan

How to minimize impact risk if the risk does occur


  • Risk Owner

Who is involved/affected by this risk?


  • Residual Risk

Are there any residues from risk after risk has been prevented?


By having a risk register, a risk management plan can be effectively and efficiently addressed. The risk register will also increase the level of decision making between managers, stakeholders, and other actors who have direct interests in the project. Risk does not need to be a threat to a project, and the risk is only a problem that can arise during the project. Make sure to find the best risk register template sample so you can make a good risk register.


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