New Job Announcement Letter And Its Example You Can Apply

There are so many companies that look for the best people to fill positions in the company. But, some people do not know how to make a proper new job announcement letter. This letter helps you to advertise open positions to get suitable and qualified applicants. If you want to create one for your own, then we recommend you to follow this article.


When Is The Right Time To Announce A New Job?

Mostly we are doubt about the appropriate time to tell your new job. But, we suggest you announce it when your previous job ends yet you have not started your new job. You can tell your friends by inviting them for a dinner. You can also tell your boss if you want to leave your job and get a new one (if he/she is trustworthy.)

What Should Be Included In A New Job Announcement Letter?

Once you understand the right time to announce it, then you can move to this part. You are allowed to take a note if it is necessary for you.

Write It Shortly

If you plan to write this letter, then it is recommended to make it as short as possible. But, do not forget to make it appropriate for the readers, so there will be no problem occurs in the future.

Be Straightforward

At this point, being straightforward is very important. You can point out the purpose of your letter. This can be a better way to make them understand faster.

Be Recognized

In this part, you must ensure that the letter will be recognized well. You can apply inspiring words in the letter, so they feel motivated when they read it.

The Sample Of New Job Announcement Letter

Check the example of this letter we have provided below. Do not worry, this template is editable, so you can change parts that you think not necessary with you.

Dear Mr. John,

Our company has worked hard to achieve a series of successful over the latest years. I believe we can be the strength of our clients and organizations. It is an honor for me to announce our publishing department currently opens a new position as a senior writer. We also require a person to fill the position of director.

The ideal candidate for a senior writer would be a recent graduate of the related major and have experience for a minimum of 5 years. And for the director manager, it is required for a candidate to graduate with a bachelor’s degree with the eligible skill to manage.

For candidates who are interested in these positions, it is required to submit their portfolio along with three samples of their work. We will review then select the most qualified candidates. We will notify you through email Please submit your resume and samples to the email as well. Feel free to contact us through email or phone at (55)-5555-5555 if you have any questions.



Olivia Smith

In conclusion, this new job announcement letter is hoped to be useful. Do not hesitate to edit the example. Good luck!





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