5+ Free HTML Website Templates

Need a Free HTML Website Templates Sample to Develop Your Website?


A website could attract visitors by its content and appearance, as well. Applying the attractive free HTML website templates sample can be useful to make it happen.

Developing a website is a quite big deal since you can get cash from it. Once you have your website, you can earn money forever from it. But you have to dress your site up. So, it can attract many people to visit yours.

Besides considering the contents of the website, the appearance of it is supposed to be great. Using the free HTML website templates sample could help do it so.


Do You Know Well About The HTML Website Template?

This HTML website template is HTML pages in a pre-built website that involve the text content, images, and supportive files for the styles of fonts and the Javascripts. There are some of this template purchased, but some are free. For the new website developers, the free ones can be preferable.

The template allows the users to adjust the information, images, and text as well. After customizing the free HTML website templates sample, the users can upload it on their website to grab the visitors on the internet.

  1. Types of Images that are embedded to HTML website

For some people, images are the focal points of the sites since the beautiful visuals are preferable. You are a new developer, and you should know about the types of images that can be included in the free HTML website template examples such as:


It is considered as the best type of photographs, especially for people’s faces. This type of image is embedded in the HTML website. So, you can use your photos, but you need to find the JPEG file photos.

  • GIF

Although this type is as right as JPEG, the website still allows it to be uploaded on the hosting account.


  • PNG

This type is another type that can be embedded on the website.


2. HTML and Animation

When you are composing your free HTML website templates sample, and you want to get your website look animated, you can do it quickly.


There are several programs allowing you to animate the template. One of them is Adobe Flash. This software supports web developers to use animation on their hosting accounts, both in XHTML and HTML website templates.


Some of the free HTML website templates samples are customized in HTML and XHTML. You have to know more about these types of the website before you decide to use one of the offered templates.





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