6+ Monthly Budget Template


Control Your Budget by Using Monthly Budget Template Sample


This template can be handy to help you control the expenses. The finance will be well-kept if you use this template to manage the income and the budget you have.

It is a guide of your paying off bills as well as the sum of money you get to save or for the other large purchase. Or, you can use a monthly budget template sample to manage your finance until the next paycheck.

What Is The Monthly Budget Template Sample?

This is a spreadsheet you can have to track the income and the bills you need to pay in a specific time. This template can be used to find out the money flow of your own.

You can make your budget template by yourself through the Excel program on your computer or laptop. How to create it?

1. How to create a monthly budget template sample 

  • Open the Excel program on your computer
  • Then, in the columns, you need to write subjects such as Amount, Due date, Paid, Income, Net Pay, and Other Income.
  • Create those subjects neatly on the sheet by setting the income in one column vertically, and the other subjects in one column horizontally.
  • The other additional income can add to the separate line of Income column.
  • The Total Income is in the bottom part of the income column
  • You can count the income by using the Sum formula
  • The expenses column is next to the income column. This column is about the bills you have to pay.
  • The total expenses column is under the expenses column. This is, to sum up, the expenses you have to pay.
  • The cash balance column is to know the rest of the money you can save after the income use to pay the bills.

2. Kinds of Expenses in the monthly budget template sample

There are some significant expenses you usually pay, such as:

  • Housing that is about the mortgage
  • Insurance including health insurance or working insurance
  • Food such as groceries or food expenses
  • Utilities such as gas, water, power, internet, cable, and satellite
  • Transportation
  • Other significant fees such as a sum of money for the family, child support, etc

Those are how you can manage the budget monthly. By using this monthly budget template sample, your assessment in managing your money is less effort because it provides you the columns you have to fill to set up the financial record of your salary every month.



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