Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done and Its Sample 

Writing a letter of appreciation is the best idea for you to appreciate the achievement of people. In this idea, you have to arrange a letter of appreciation for a job well done that will represent a thank you letter for any people. This letter is not too difficult but it has to arrange with specific accomplishments for the individual.


What is a letter of appreciation for a job well done?

The letter of appreciation for a job well-done idea is a simple letter that aims to say thank you for the achievement of an individual in their working. This letter will impact the person’s work especially in the business or organization and the timeframe in which the job was done so that it can be great to copy the letter.

How to create a letter of appreciation for a job well done

To arrange this letter have to be specific that will help the recipient to know and feel good about their workplace and their job. This letter of appreciation for the job well-done template will be great if you follow some ideas below. Here are the steps to follow in writing the letter.

  • To begin your letter, you can express your appreciation for a job well done to make the readers understanding the content of the letter
  • You also can enumerate the things done and where and how it was helpful
  • You can end your letter on a positive tone to make the readers happy to read the letter

Tips to write a letter of appreciation for a job well done

Furthermore, you also need to know some tips to make this letter of appreciation for a job well-done format awesome. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You can make sure to express your gratitude in the beginning for the recipient
  • You also need to make a pinpoint specific action as well as their direct result
  • Make sure to include what you are sincerely grateful for and why. You also need to make this letter personal, polite, and to the point

The example of a letter of appreciation for a job well done

Besides, to facilitate your writing this letter, you also can read the letter of appreciation for a job well-done example that will guide your writing the letter. This sample also can be used as your reference when you are writing the letter.

Here is the sample:

Dear Alexis, 

I write this letter to say that you have done an excellent job in the company last week. Your technology staff did a great job of training the rest of the employees on the new system. I also know that you have extraordinary leadership in that department and on this project. 

The new system that you did is helping the company to realize a robust return on investment. It also has the board of directors singing your praises as you were the one who introduces the system to the company. 

I know that you put in a great number of hours during the research into a new system, installation, implementation, and employee training time. With those parts, I will give you an extra week’s vacation to be taken at your convenience. Again, thank you for such an outstanding performance. 

With deep appreciation for a job well done, 


Thomas Anderson, 

Thomas J. Anderson

Cc: Human Resources Department 

That is all about a letter of appreciation for a job well done. This letter will help you to increase the quality of the employees very well.


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