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Two Websites to Create A Graphic Design Invoice Template Easily

In the world of commerce, of course, you are familiar with the term invoice or what is also commonly called a sales invoice. This means that you need a graphic design invoice template. Well, Invoice (invoice) is a collection letter for the buyer who has received or ordered goods made by the seller. A neat invoice template will make your bill documents look more professional in the eyes of customers.

Components in an invoice template

In a neat and simple Invoice Template, you have to include several important components. Even though the design is attractive, the information provided is not very clear, how can you get payment bills from customers? So, what should be considered:

  • Name of Sender and Recipient.
  • Products / Services.
  • Total Quantity (Product).
  • Taxes and Discounts (If Any).
  • Payment Due

The completeness of the components of an invoice will affect how much success they are in collecting invoices from customers.

How to Make an Invoice / Sales Invoice

There are two ways to create an invoice that you can do, namely manually and also using the tools or services provided by several websites.

For the manual method, manufacturing can be done using word or excel. You only need to arrange some of the standards or elements above into a complete piece. Meanwhile, if you want something simpler, the two websites below will be very helpful in making invoices.


It is actually a site that provides invoice creation services for free and is easy to use. But before making it, you must register first.

After completing registration, then you only need to log in and select the create invoice menu. For the first time, you are asked to fill in the logo, about the company, and only important invoices.

After the first graphic design invoice template is made, in the future, you only need to select the menu and place the potential customer along with the order details that will be made. Just like other tools, paper.id will provide the total price, including taxes that must be paid by customers.

Not only invoices, but in this account, you will also be able to see other bookkeeping data such as cash flow, total purchases, and so on

Invoice Generator

Just like paper.id, the invoice generator also provides invoice creation services that can be used for free. The difference is that you can use this service without having to register first.

Simply access their main page, complete the required information such as the company logo, invoice made by whom, intended for whom, when is due, how much is the bill, up to the terms and conditions.

Those are two sites that you may try to make your best graphic design invoice template.


Graphic design invoice Design Ideas

Graphic design invoice Ideas

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