Elementary Teacher Recommendation Letter and Its Sample 

The elementary teacher recommendation letter is one of the important letters to apply for you who want to be a teacher. This letter can be written by anyone who has worked closely enough with any applicants to authoritatively comment on their teaching abilities. So, you have to arrange it properly.


What is an elementary teacher recommendation letter?

As you know, this elementary teacher recommendation letter idea is a letter for a teacher that can be for someone just out of college who has completed a student teaching program or an established teacher. Besides, it is also commonly required for individuals applying for a position in academia.

How to create an elementary teacher recommendation letter

When you are asked to write an elementary teacher recommendation letter template, your reference will help them advance in the hiring process such as helpful, relevant information about the candidate that can make the best possible impact. You can follow some steps below to make it great.

  • You can begin your letter by choosing the professional format and you can include the information such as your name and address, the date, the recipient’s name, a professional greeting, and many other
  • You also have to state your qualifications by explaining your current role and qualification
  • Remember to highlight the notable skills, traits, and accomplishment

Tips to write an elementary teacher recommendation letter

Besides, you also will need some tips below that will make your elementary teacher recommendation letter format interesting to read. Here are some of the tips:

  • You have to apply a professional tone to make it easy to read
  • You also need to include the detailed qualification such as where, when, and in what capacity you worked with the teacher
  • Your letter will be great if you include the relevant skills and qualities

The example of the elementary teacher recommendation letter

Furthermore, to facilitate your writing this letter, you also can read the following elementary teacher recommendation letter example. The example will guide you to write the proper template without any difficulties.

Here is the sample:

Dear Principal Joshua, 

I write this letter on behalf of Mr. Solomon Jenner who has served as my student teacher for third-grade science this school year. The student and I are happy to have Mr. Jenner in the classroom. During the second semester, Mr. Jenner taught a particularly interesting mini-unit on electricity and he is also skillfully planned the unit developing investigation-based lessons and hands-on experiments. 

Mr. Jenner has always been prepared for class and he also has great written and verbal communication skills. He has proven to be very organized and highly dependable this year. I have total confidence in his ability to command a classroom without supervision. 

It is without booking that I recommend Mr. Solomon Jenner for the open position of fourth-grade science teacher here at Dynamic Elementary School. I am confident that he will make a valuable addition to the teaching staff. I will be happy to schedule a meeting with you should you wish to discuss this recommendation further. 



Jack Brown

Fifth Grade Science 

Department chair

Dynamic Elementary School 

That is all about an elementary teacher recommendation letter. You have to include detailed information to ensure the reads about the people.


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