Nurse Recommendation Letter and Its Sample 

When you are applying for a nursing position, some employers probably will require a letter of recommendation. This letter will have the function to ask for one after an interview. Therefore, arranging this nurse recommendation letter is important that will ensure the readers about your quality without any difficulties.


What should a nurse recommendation letter include?

The nurse recommendation letter idea is usually written by a physician but it also can be written by a supervising nurse, a hospital administrator, or even a satisfied patient. This letter can be written for a nurse who wants to work at a different healthcare facility or looking for a promotion in a proper way.

How to create a nurse recommendation letter

Writing this nurse recommendation letter format is not too difficult. Since this letter is a form of written correspondence that confirms a nurse’s skills, qualification, attitude, and experience. You have to follow some ideas below when you are arranging this letter.

  • You have to write a strong introduction and explain who you are and what your role is
  • You can talk about the skills and qualification and you have to be dedicated to particular skills and qualification
  • Provide your letter with a specific example that highlights their skills and end with a strong conclusion

Tips to write a nurse recommendation letter

Your nurse recommendation letter template also will be better if you apply some tips to make the letter awesome. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You can ask in person and be prepared to follow-up after the conversation
  • Be specific about your request and make sure to inform your reference of why they are selected
  • Your letter should be concise

The example of a nurse recommendation letter

To facilitate your writing this letter, you can read the nurse recommendation letter example. This example can be used as your reference and it will help you to make the best letter without any difficulties.

This is the sample:

Dear Ms. Kelly,

I am pleased to write a recommendation letter for Diana Gill for a nurse in Green House Hospital. I am Emilia Norman as a manager at Smile Hospital. She is an integral part of this hospital, adored by the patients and respected by peers. 

Ms. Gill has consistently shown exceptional skills in treating the patients in the hospital well. She has strongly empathized with very sick patients and their families while remaining calm herself. She is also excellent communication skills and the ability to take impeccable notes for each patient’s medical record. 

I knew Ms. Gill very well so that I strongly recommend her for the nurse position because of her capabilities and experience. If you need more information, do not hesitate to call me at 888-999-0000. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



Emilia Norman, 

Emilia S. Norman

A Manager of Smile Hospital 

This nurse recommendation letter will be useful to apply for a job. Therefore, you have to include all of the important information such as education, skills, and capabilities to ensure the manager about your people recommendation.


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