Tips To Write A Cover Letter Requesting For A Meeting And Its Example

If you are going to have a meeting with someone, of course you must talk to him/her before to notify them. Yet, not many people realize that making a cover letter requesting for a meeting can be a good way to do it. At this moment, you will read more about this type of cover letter and how to make one for your own. Keep your note close with you, so you can easily note any points or tips that may be useful.


Is It Appropriate To Send A Cover Letter Requesting For A Meeting By Email?

As a professional worker, it is better for you to make a cover letter if you want to have a meeting with your clients or sponsors. If you are still confused about how to send the letter, we suggest you send it through the post. But, you can send it through email if it is necessary.

How To Set A Meeting With Clients Or Sponsors?

Before you write your cover letter, make sure you know how to make a proper permission and set the meeting well. This will help you and your clients or sponsors get along better during the business. Without any further ado, please kindly check the tips below.

Write Clear And Understandable Letter

By doing this tip, you can ensure your clients or sponsors will understand your intention from the letter you sent. It is suggested to make it as clear as possible, so they can understand better.

Explain The Reason

Having a meeting must have a reason, so it is better to say it in the letter as well. You can also add the time and place, but remember to be flexible with it. The other tip is asking for a reply or confirmation in order to notify them before the day.

An Example Of Cover Letter Requesting For A Meeting

Dear Mr. Sam Jenner,

For the last 10 years, your company, Daily Doze News has worked with my company, Home Care Technology. I found that in your column on various lifestyle events in the state that you are looking for sponsors to be part of your charity. And on this occasion, we would like to say through this letter that we want to be one of the sponsors for the charity.

Our company has seen the news that many companies welcome this charity to help hunger in Africa. As you have known, Home Care Tech runs in home properties and furnitures that help to build a better life. And we want to help others by being a part of this charity.

If we may have a chance to discuss it with you, we would love to be able to schedule some time with you. We will set a meeting this week at your office if you are available. Please let us know if you want to reschedule the meeting. You can reply to this message via email at or via phone at (555)-5555-5555.

We would be greatly happy if you consider meeting with me.

Best Regards,


Clerk Grey

Head of Home Care Tech


All in all, we hope the brief explanation of this cover letter requesting for a meeting above can be helpful for you. Good luck!




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