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Things to Consider When Creating Certificate Designs

A certificate is an important supporting document that is precious for everyone. Certificates are like a supporting proof of your skills and achievements. This is why the design of certificates should represent competence and professionality. If you work in an organization that has the authority to issue certificates and are assigned to design it, you can use a certificate design template available on the internet. But if you prefer to design it yourself, here are several things you should consider.

Ideas of Concepts

Before deciding to create a certain certificate design, it will be better if you determine the concept or idea. You can look for references on the internet for inspirations. Make sure the concept you use meets the concept of the event or organization. Do not forget your basic concept.

Choose Software According to Your Needs

There are several kinds of software that you can use to design certificates. Such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Microsoft Word. Three of them have different specifications. They also create different results as well. If you use Microsoft Word, it can be said that the certificate design will be very simple. Because there are not many options available. However, it is reasonable because Microsoft Word is not a program for drawing, let alone designing.

While Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw offer so many various options for designing. With these 2 types of software, you will be able to easily create a certificate design as you wish.

Simple Yet Aesthetic

A certificate is basically a piece of paper where someone’s valuation or achievement is written on it. So, a certificate should be designed professionally. However, it is impossible to create a certificate without considering aesthetic value. This is why you should carefully think about the form of the texts as well as the color to be used.

Make sure you are not being too much in designing a certificate. Because the design is indeed purposed to beautify the appearance. But the essence of the certificate itself remains the same; a written acknowledgment of a person’s ability, expertise or achievements in a particular field. You are suggested not to design a certificate with too many colors or too many decorations.

Certificate design Ideas

Certificate design Example

A certificate design template comes with many designs. So that you can choose the one that meets your needs and preferences. But make sure you do not forget about the essence of the certificate itself.


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