4+ Test Plan Template Sample


Test Plan Template Sample: A Template You Need to Run Your Company


When you have a new project about testing a product, you have to prepare many things, especially the test plan. This test plan will help you to conduct a test with precise objectives as well as the allocation of time and others.

Before you undergo the test, you need to consider many things. By using the test plan template sample, you can make your job easier.


What Is A Test Plan Template Sample?

A test plan template is a template that is a kind of document in details that highlights the strategy of the test, the objectives of the trial, the resources to conduct the analysis such as the human resource, software, and hardware resource, test schedule, and other estimations

including the time estimation.

Create Your Test Plan Template Sample 

You can create your test plan template sample since it is quite easy to do. But, you need to think about several things before you go with the test. What are they?

1. The Product information

The product that you want to test should be mastered in detail. You have to know and analyze the report dealing with the product. The necessary information such as what it is, who uses it, how it works need to be in the test plan template sample

2. Test strategy

After obtaining the required information about the product, you have to design the test strategy to achieve the objectives you have. You need to define the testing scope and testing type. Moreover, you have to state the risk and the issue, especially the goals that you would like to achieve through the test.

3. Test Criteria

Since you are going to test a product, you also need to know the criteria of the test so that the achievement of the objectives could be done.


4. A plan of resource

This resource plan is a summary of the types of resources that are required to complete the project. You have to determine the supply in detail such as to separate and state the support of human power, material, and equipment you need.


5. Schedule and Estimation of the Test

It is to know what you have to do to conduct the test as well as the time estimation to finish it. You have to write and state it in detail tasks so that you can understand what you have to do certainly. This is to determine the test environment, as well. It is an environment to use the product you test.


After you consider those things, this is the time for you to create your test plan template sample. Or, you can download it one on the internet and adjust what you need in it.



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