5+ Free Printable Flyer Template Sample


Promoting Your Event by Using Free Printable Flyer Template Sample


If you are planning to make a public event, you need to create a flyer to get people’s attention. Don’t make your flyer boring since it is to attract their willingness to attend the event you hold. The free printable flyer template sample is available in the program of Microsoft Word. How to create your stunning flyer is in this article.

Free Printable Flyer Template Sample  

The decision to make a flyer or Brochure is about to decide what information should take in the document. This document needs to be interesting to grab the attention of people. Combining the image with the headline is a first step to do in creating a flyer.

It must be remembered that the image and headline must match. Then, you need to state where people can go to attend the event, as well as the time and date. If you want to have an easy one, you can get a free printable flyer template sample in MS Word.

1. We are creating the free printable flyer template sample in Ms. Word

The steps of creating it are

  • Open the program then look for the File button. Then, click New.
  • Type the Brochure in the search box to get the samples of templates
  • Click the template as you prefer
  • The Create button is the next clicking button to start making the flyer/brochure
  • Fill up the instructions on the screen. It is about the name of your company or the project you are working on. The subtitle of the Brochure, the address as well as contact information is essential to write.
  • There will be a space to write a brief description of the event.
  • The image that is relevant to your event has its space in the template. Copy-paste one that is suitable for your event by using the Insert tab and click Pictures.
  • Write the extra information about the event
  • If you think the template is ready, save your work to be printed.

2. The Tips

  • Mind your content briefly.
  • Bullets points are helpful as well as info graphics.
  • A catchy headline is preferable.
  • Proofreading the content before printing is crucial.


Those are how you can create your free printable flyer template sample that may come in handy when you are holding an upcoming event.

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