4+ Raffle Ticket Template Sample


Creating the Raffle Ticket Template Sample


This ticket is popular among people. You can use it to raise funds. This ticket can be considered as a gaming ticket. When you create a raffle ticket, make sure that you don’t break regulations as well as the law and the legislation. The raffle ticket template sample can be useful to provide one of the tickets which don’t break the rules and regulations.

The Parts Of Raffle Ticket

Raffle tickets have two parts in the book of the raffle tickets. They contain critical information that the law requires. These two parts are the portion of the purchaser and the stub.

If you sell a raffle ticket, you need to tear off the section of the purchaser. Then, you can give it to her/him. On the part of the stub, you have to write the name of the purchaser as well as the address. Then, you keep it until the time to draw the raffle. What should be in the raffle ticket template sample?

1. The information that is in the raffle ticket template sample

This ticket contains information that is important to be known, such as:

  • The name of the community or fundraising group
  • Information on counterfoil such as the place and the date, the sum of money
  • The number of raffle ticket
  • The promotor’s information such as the name and the contact information
  • The title of the draw or the fundraising event as well as the logo or image of the event
  • The prizes that are going to be drawn
  • Additional information that may be needed by you or the event run

2. The specification of the raffle ticket

The ticket of raffle has the standard specification such as:

  • The size is about 184mm x 75mm which includes the stub
  • The serial number of the card is printed in red both in the stub and the ticket
  • The ticket is bound by using the glue
  • The papers used are usually 80 gsm


If you think that making the raffle ticket is quite complicating, you can find out the customizable raffle ticket template sample on the internet. You can adjust the components of the card based on your needs.


Make sure that you have known the rules and the regulations in releasing the tickets so that you are away from the lawbreaking. Raffle ticket template sample will be easily made if you know how to create it.



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