10+ Birthday Banner Template in Photoshop Free Download


Birthday Banner Template as a Great Tool for a Personalized Birthday Party

You can buy a generic birthday banner or hire a professional to design a banner for you; however, with a birthday banner template, you can design a birthday banner that is fully personalized, fully yours. Because you are the banner designer, you can always your preferences and taste of design when modifying the template. The result will thus be a banner that not only perfectly represents you personally. It is also a masterpiece that you can be proud of.

How to Use the Template

A birthday banner template has all the necessary decorative elements to appear attractive and attention-grabbing. There is a large selection of templates, so you can pick one with your favorite color combinations and patterns. Using the template is easy. You only need to download it and then modify it using your favorite editing program, which can be a simple word processor or a more specialized graphic design application like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Which Material to Choose

After you modify the birthday banner template and create your personalized banner, you need to convert it into a real banner. You can use your printer if the banner is small enough for the printer to handle or if the banner consists of small parts that you can later assemble into a full banner. Otherwise, you need to hire a printing service to print your banner. Regardless, you need to decide the material for your banner. Here are 3 common materials for a birthday banner.

  1. Paper

A sheet of paper could be the most preferred material for your birthday banner template to be printed on, especially because it is the most accessible. All printers can print on paper with no trouble. If you use your printer at home, you can print your banner on paper immediately. If you order a printing service to print your banner, a sheet of paper is often the cheapest material.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is an excellent material if you want to do the party outdoors. When you have to expose your printed birthday banner template to the elements, a paper banner is not the best choice. Vinyl is also quite accessible because most, if not all, printing services use vinyl as a secondary printing material after paper.

  1. Fabric

A fabric banner looks smoother, more natural, and less glaring (it is not reflective) than a vinyl banner. Print your birthday banner template on a sheet of fabric if you are dealing with both elements and the glare of sunray.

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