10+ Greeting Card Free Template in PSD


Creating Wonderful Greeting Card Template for Special Impression

Let’s make a greeting card template! Well, a greeting card is something that should be there to commemorate the holiday, the greeting card can be shared with those closest to us, even though now there is a communication media that is through a device (smartphone) but through a greeting card will give a better impression.

Create a special impression through greeting cards

when we give a greeting with the media in the form of a well-designed card and we include their names, on the one hand, will make a more special impression for those who receive it, someone will look special to us, because we are not just giving only in the form of words at that moment, however, it was a card that could be stored and could be remembered for her.

Tips on designing a digital greeting card template

Customize Speech

You can adjust the speech you want to give, or you can also add the name of the destination. You can search for images according to the theme. For example, if your greeting card theme is about Eid, then you can search for images such as mosques, diamonds, or other images. That way, the words, and pictures will be commensurate according to the theme.

Add Everyone’s Photos

Applications for making greeting cards are increasingly sophisticated. You can add any photo as you wish. You can add photos, friends can also add photos with each person who will be given a greeting card. You can also make designs with photos together, or other photos related to the theme. In addition, you can add trinkets or cute decorations to make it more interesting.

Write a special message

In addition to saying utterances based on themes, you can also write a special message for each person. For example, given the current conditions, friends can pray for the health of your friends and family. We can also say thank you for your kindness in greeting card template.

Use templates according to theme

There are lots of sample templates provided by the chosen application that you will use. For example, a birthday greeting card, then look for templates that have symbols or images of candles, cakes, balloons, and others. Then you can also pay attention to the typical colors that match the theme for example pink, white, or gold. Because it is made in an easier digital way, make as much as possible for friends, family, also the father and mother teacher.

Make the Card Size in accordance with the place to distribute it

In addition to making Eid greeting cards that are shaped and sized like printed cards, friends can also make Eid greeting cards that are tailored to where they are sent. For example, on Instagram, images are usually made in a square shape (1: 1).

So, make your greatest greeting card template for your beloved family and friends!

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