UCLA Appeal Letter And Its Example You Can Edit

Approximately two admissions officers of UCLA will grade initially the application and supporting documentation. Because all applicants are evaluated so thoroughly in multiple extensive reviews, admission decisions are rarely reversed. However, if the ‘new’ (has not been presented) information that makes you stronger does not exist, you can write an UCLA appeal letter to make the chance of your candidacy successfully better.

Where Do You Send Your UCLA Appeal Letter?

No need to be confused with where you send the UCLA appeal letter. Read the instruction and terms given by the university and make a note or reminder in case you need it. This letter is addressed to the appropriate individual in the Admission Department. This department will analyze the letter through extreme scrutiny. Although it is not a big matter, pay attention to it because a failure can come from a small problem. UCLA usually provides a box of submitting in the university portal therefore your discipline is needed here.

How Do You Write A Good UCLA Appeal Letter?

This appeal letter cannot be written as long as your arm. In your mind, there are many points you want to address. You are not in hurry to finish this case so please be calm and see carefully the information must be presented. Package your words in a concise bundle along with mentioning the reason the student believes the original admissions decision should be reversed. Even though it must be straight to the point, it does not mean you can freely choose words. This is a formal letter addressed to a big university. Thinking of the language might increase the quality of your letter. Last but not least, do not be lazy in arranging the letter based on the format.  The student’s name, the application number, and the date of the rejection letter should be included in the appeal letter. This is not an easy job so do not hesitate to make a draft and ask others for proofreading.

The Example Of UCLA Appeal Letter

Dear Mr. Monchen,

This letter is sent regarding the problem of my high school transcript with another student owning a quite similar name. The rejection letter that arrived this Monday was addressed to Cornelia Agustina instead of Cornelia Agustine. Therefore, I would like to go further in this case.

Cornelia Agustina and I graduated from high school together and she has lived near my house. It is out of my consciousness that my high school counselor got confused with the transcripts or those were mixed up after being arrived at the UCLA Admissions Office. Cornelia Agustina has a grade point average of 3.35 and I have 3.75.

I have reached the UCLA Admissions Office and spoken with a person named Douglas Mario. He confirmed that the GPA recorded for me was 3.35 instead of 3.75. Regarding this mistake, Cornelia Agustina was accepted for admission to UCLA.

I beg you to reconsider my application due to this unusual circumstance. I have submitted another document sent along with my correct high school transcripts. I am delighted to come to your office and encounter you discussing this situation.



Cornelia Agustine

In conclusion, we hope the UCLA appeal letter provided above can help you to understand better. Do not hesitate to change the example based on your needs.


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