Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter and Sample

If you aim to become teacher someday, you could start from giving private lessons and work your way to become teacher assistant before you can be full time one. For that, you need teacher assistant recommendation letter to help you get the assistant job.


What Is Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter

This letter is defined as one to get someone recommended for school teacher assistant position. Getting recommended by your superior helps increase the chance of getting you, in compared to applying yourself for the said job to the new workplace intended.

How to Make Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter

Let us tell you how to make the letter in this opportunity. If you have promising junior, why don’t you help him get the job if you can do so by writing for him school teacher assistant recommendation. Your words as teacher yourself should weigh more in letter.

  • Address the school principal
  • Suggest individual for the assistant position
  • State his reasons for getting recommendation
  • Describe the individual’s work ethics, skills, and achievements
  • Leave phone number for further questions
  • Sign the letter

Tips to Create Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter

Are you asking for some tips here? Of course, we do have some to take into account. Even the best assistant recommendation letter would have the writer keep various tips in mind durian the making. So, let’s do the same. Here they are to consider.

  • Be pleased to recommend the individual
  • Be clear with the name of the position and school
  • Be truthful of the individual’s capability
  • Be relevant with the new job opportunity intended

Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter Sample

Don’t skip the sample if you get the chance to take a good glance at it before you make one yourself.Teacher assistant job recommendation sample could be long and short depending on the needs. So, here is the teacher assistant recommendation letter.

Dear Principal of Hawkins School:

I send this letter to you to recommend Lillian Steven for the position of Teacher Assistant at the school you lead in. She has been assisting the teachers here in Aria Elementary School while being mentor to provide private lessons at students’ home. Recently, she has just married to resident of your school’s neighborhood.

Soon, she will have to move to live with her husband and it will be a long road to commute from her husband’s house to Aria Elementary School and vice versa. I find it a waste for a person as talented as her to drop her career for distance reason. So, I have her recommended to continue her career at your school.

For all the years she has been working with us, she is very diligent and knowledgeable. She is good at deadline with children as well. Ever since her coming, our students’ grade has been increasing as well. I believe she could do the same for Hawkins School, so please consider her for the position at your school.

Should you have any questions regarding her, feel free to contact me at (555)-332-2273 or via email at ariaelementaryschool@yahoo.com.


Georgia Jenna

Georgia Jenna

Elementary Teacher

Aria Elementary School


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