Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter and Example

Are you one of those who depend on monetary assistance to study in the college? You’ve got to meet the requirements to get it and keep them, of course. If you find the assistance suspended, you might get it reinstated with financial aid suspension appeal letter.


What Is Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

As the name suggests, college financial aid suspension appeal is one meant to ask for reinstatement of monetary assistance that’s suspended due to failing grades. Depending on the reason however, this letter might or might not help you with the problem.

How to Make Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

Let’s move on to the procedure to make the letter. Since the student is the one who asks for appeal, he himself must be the one to write it. Don’t you worry? You can make your own student suspension appeal letter by following the steps provided below.

  • Address the recipient and other committee members
  • Introduce yourself and appeal for financial aid
  • Make your reasons known of your misconduct
  • Show promise that you will get back on track
  • Include some proofs and sign the letter

Tips to Create Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter

Now, if there are tips to consider, it won’t hurt to give them a try, right? We have some for you below to help make your letter better. Monetary assistance suspension appeal should look credible enough for the committee to believe that everything is true.

  • Take responsibility of your misconduct
  • Be confident to get back on track
  • Be truthful of the reasons behind your act
  • Be actual with proofs to back them up

Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter Example

Let’s take a look at suspension appeal letter example below. We have simple one provided for you to consider. You might get some inspiration from it as well. You will be ready with your financial aid suspension appeal letter then. So, here we go.

Dear Dr. Stein and Esteemed Committee Members,

My name is Alicia Venchousten and I am writing this letter to ask for reinstatement of my financial aid. I am fully aware that the aid is suspended due to my failing grades and absence this past semester. I take full responsibility of my past action and please believe that I will get back on my track as soon as possible.

Thus, with this letter, I ask you for a second chance. I lost my mother on 24 April, 2020 due to an illness. She had been sickly for the past year and suddenly caught another caused by virus. All had caused her to suffer from complications and she couldn’t hang on any longer than 13 days under treatment in hospital.

She died and left us behind. Feeling shocked from the sudden loss, I couldn’t help getting depressed and lose reason to live. I found it hard to keep living on that I needed my counselor to help me get over it. With no mother figure at home, there is none other than me as the oldest child to take care of the household.

So, I take over all her previous duties at home, all while still supporting my father and sister who are still in grief.I plan on keep attending counseling sessions during summer break and be back on my feet to attend school afterwards. I have the note from my counselor attached. Thank you for your consideration.


Alicia Venchousten

Alicia Venchousten


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