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5 Whys Template As Ways to Maximize Problem Solving

Finding the right way to solve a problem is quite essential. With the right way, of course, a problem can be solved maximally and clearly. That is a reason why you need to know about the 5 whys template as a considered strategy to solve kinds of problems.

Do you ever hear about the 5 whys before?

In simpler, the 5 whys is a strategy that can be applied to know the root of the problem. When the problem’s roots have been known, of course, the solution to solve the problem could be easily found. Then, this strategy can be applied to different kinds of problems.

Some Benefits of 5 Whys Strategies

Of course, the 5 whys is only an option of the strategies to solve a problem that you face. It means there are still many different ideas and strategies that maybe can be your consideration.

However, the 5 whys have some benefits that can be the reason that it is effective to be applied. Some benefits of it are:

  • Helping to identify the root or the causes of the problems
  • Determining the relationship between the different causes of the problems
  • Easy tools to be used to maximize the problem solving
  • Maximizing time to find the best solution in fixing problems
  • And others

Of course, these are still many benefits of the 5 whys that you will get when you apply it. That is why this problem-solving idea should be tried.

How to Complete the 5 Whys in Solving Problems?

These are some points to be considered when you want to apply this problem-solving strategy. It could be said that through these points, you could maximize the strategy to fix the problem.

First, you need to write down the specific problem. Here, write a detailed issue that will help you to formalize the problem and then describe it completely. After it, ask why the problem could happen and then write the answer below the problem.

When the answer cannot identify the cause or root of the problem, repeat the first step. Ask why the problem can happen and then write down the answer. Repeat this way until you –and commonly with the team, could agree about the root of the problem.

Finding the Right 5 Whys Template

To ease you in applying the 5 whys as the way to solve your problem, finding the template of it can be a good idea to do. The template will ease you to apply it since there is a default shape of the 5 whys. However, you need to be selective in choosing the template.

Many templates of the 5 whys are available and could be downloaded easily. However, try to see the diagram of it before downloading it. Make sure that the diagram is applicable.

5 Whys Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the 5 whys template on this page. All samples can be the reference when you want to use this strategy to fix the team problem. You just need to click the download button and then save the 5 whys file on your drive.

5 Whys Ideas

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