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How To Make An Eye-Catching Travel Brochure Template


Travel service providers use a travel brochure template for transportation services alone or as well as tour guides. Business travel is one of the developing businesses. It is in line with the lifestyle of people who like traveling for a vacation both on domestic and foreign tours. Traveling believed to refresh the mind and heart from the dense work activities or the hustle and bustle of the city. Usually, people prefer natural attractions such as mountains, beaches, or plantations with a vast and fantastic landscape. Some choose historical value tours such as visiting iconic sites, buildings, or monuments with historical value. There are also travel services that provide tourist facilities to several places at once in one region or several adjacent areas.

How To Make An Eye-Catching Travel Brochure Template To Boost Your Business

Designing a brochure is very tricky. You must be able to include all the essential and interesting information on one sheet of paper. But there shouldn’t be too many words in it with an attractive design for potential new customers. To make an eye-catching travel brochure, the steps that must take are:

  1. Open The Application

The first step in making a design is, of course, choosing the right design application. You are free to use the most straightforward app to use. You can use Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop. Or using online sites like Canva or others with beautiful design templates.

  1. Choose The Right Template or Style

Before creating a travel brochure design, you must determine the template and style of your brochure. Consider the number of words, information, and images you will put.

  1. Put A Good Photo or Illustrations

Apart from refreshing, almost everyone travels to add to their photo collection. So you have to put exciting photos of tourist destinations to attract potential customers.

  1. Make a Brief Description

Make a good copywriter for your brochure. Don’t be too repetitive, but create a short description that will attract people to travel and use your services.

  1. Put Contact Information

Things that should not forget in travel brochures are contact information.

Creative Tips To Make Your Travel Brochure Template

There are many types of travel services out there. It would help if you had a unique travel brochure to be competitive. Here are some creative tips for your travel brochure:

  1. Use Simple Statement

Looking at a brochure, they wouldn’t want to waste a lot of time reading boring stuff. Don’t dwell on long sentences. Keep it short and make them curious.

  1. Put a Brief History About The Place

If necessary, add a few interesting facts or history about the tourist destination.

  1. Use Color Scheme

Use a good color scheme, because this is the first time seen and to build a good impression so that they want to read your brochure further.

  1. Point Out Details Their Travel

Don’t forget to explain the details of the trip they will do if you provide more than one tourist destination in one package.

Travel Brochure Example

You can be creative in making a travel brochure template according to the image of the travel service you want to build. Adjust it to your target customer to make them more interested in using your services.





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