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Basic Resume Templates to Pass Recruitment Process

For those who want to face the recruitment process as a phase to get a new job, writing a great resume is an important matter to be done. A great resume will be very useful to get the higher attention of the recruiter and increase the personal value. That is why knowing about the basic resume templates is needed just to deliver more inspiration to make this document.

Well, by using the kinds of appropriate resume templates based on the position that you want, creating a good resume will be easier. A resume template will show what you need to write and the detailed arrangement of the information that should be applied.

Here, we have several templates and samples of the basic resume that could be your guide. Just take a seat and read the whole writing to know it more.

Sample of Basic Resume that You Can Follow

Here we have a simple sample of a basic resume that you may follow. The sample here consists of the detailed information that should be included in a basic and professional resume. By seeing the sample, you could see how the information should be arranged inside it.

The sample of the basic resume can be seen below:

Jose Alexandre

8817 Main Street, London, UK

(555) 717-9991



A dedicated and passionate communication professional with 7 years of experience seeking a position with a non-profit organization where I could apply my passion for philanthropy and public relations skills.

Professional Skills

  • Corporate communication
  • Team leadership
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Process streamlining
  • Public relations management


Public Relation Manager

The Red’s Foundation, 2018 – present

  • Plan and apply public relation program to create a positive image, especially for The Red’s Foundation
  • Manage PR staff and act as one of the mentors to the junior personnel of public relations

Public Relations Specialist

The Red’s Foundation, 2016 – 2018

  • Supported the team of PR to ensure that all fundraising efforts, local events, and other special events could be run and controlled based on the guidelines of the organization
  • Managed the team that consists of 10 members of volunteers

Communications Coordinator

XYZ Company, 2013 – 2016

  • Increase the visibility of the brand by applying kinds of marketing efforts, including the campaigns of social media and the digital advertising
  • Helped to make concepts and distribute the printed marketing materials


London State University, Bachelor of Art in Journalism

Volunteer Work

American Red Cross, Disaster Volunteer, Public Affairs, 2015 – present

The sample of the basic resume as above can be a reference when you want to make the same document. You may see that the sample of the resume is quite simple. You also could see the detailed arrangement of the points to be included there.

How to Create Professional Basic Resume?

Since a resume includes in a formal document, you need to be careful in arranging the whole information inside this document. The simple basic resume templates show the detailed point that you may include.

However, to make it a useful guide, there are some steps to be done in arranging a professional basic resume. The steps to be followed to make the resume are:

  • Start by choosing the right and appropriate format of resume
  • Include the name and basic contact information
  • Add an objective or resume summary
  • List both soft and hard skills
  • List the professional and relevant histories
  • Include the detailed education
  • Consider adding optional sections
  • Proofread the resume

People also ask

What are the seven basic steps to write a resume?

Seven steps can be a guide to write a resume, as:

  • Choose the design and format of a resume
  • Add contact information
  • Craft a professional summary
  • Write the detailed-relevant skills
  • Focus on the critical experience
  • List the education
  • Review the resume

What are the tips to make a perfect and professional resume?

There are some tips to be considered when you want to make a perfect and professional resume. The tips are:

  • Find the right and appropriate template of a resume
  • Use a certain font size and type
  • Write a short resume consists only of important information
  • Be concise and professional in building the personal value

What things to be avoided in writing a resume?

Based on a certain basic resume template, you cannot use any ambiguous words in writing a resume. Besides, please avoid using informal words to state your information. A certain and good resume also should be shaped short, so you cannot write a too-long resume with some uncertain information.

Kinds of Basic Resume Template

There are various nice basic resume templates that you could find as a guide to make it. Finding the most appropriate template will be very essential, so you could know how to make a good resume.

Basic Fresher Resume Template

The basic fresher resume template is a useful guide, especially for fresher or graduated students. This template can be a guide for them to make their first professional resume to get their first job.

Generic Resume Template

The generic resume is a very versatile idea of a basic resume. This template can be applied to the different fields and needs. You could use this template whatever the needs and purposes that you have with it, especially to get a new job.

Creative Resume Template

A creative resume template is interesting with its look. This template is simple but the focal point is in its design. Providing a decorative resume sometimes is very useful and important to get higher attention from the recruiter.

Traditional Elegance Resume Template

The traditional resume is the simplest template that you could get. The arrangements are very simple but it provides clear and neat information. You could get it to make your first professional resume.

Basic Resume Template for App Developer

The app developer now becomes one of the popular jobs. When you think that it is your destiny, this template can be a helper. Get it and arrange your information to get your dreamed job.

Well, with some ideas of the basic resume templates, you could make your best resume. Once again, a resume is an important document that could be a helper when you want to get your first job!

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