Termination Letter to Employer and Sample

As you might have known, employers have all the rights to terminate their employees. However, the same actually applies the other way around as well. If not, there won’t be termination letter to employer to make. Of course, it is not like we fire employer.


What Is Termination Letter to Employer

This employee termination letter is close to what we call as resignation letter. What makes it different is that your reason for resigning is that you are not content with your current job for not utilizing your ability to the fullest. Then, the letter is made.

How to Make Termination Letter to Employer

Now, let’s use this time to learn writing the letter. Termination letter format can be learnt from this procedure below. We have made the steps brief and simple, but easy enough to understand. We will then follow it with tips and sample to help you more.

  • Address the name of the employer
  • Tell your intention of terminating employment
  • Put the effective date
  • Explain your reasons
  • Ask for understanding
  • Sign the letter

Tips to Create Termination Letter to Employer

Let’s get on to the next step this time. It is best for you to consider these tips we have to provide you below. Termination letter writing tips will help you pay more attention to details that are best not to be skipped. You’ve got to make yours look best.

  • Be clear with the termination date
  • Reflect positive and professional attitude
  • Avoid negative feelings, opinions, and the kind
  • Keep it formal and respectful

Termination Letter to Employer Sample

We will finish this guide with sample below. You may use this termination letter template to guide you through the making. Make sure to adjust the content to your needs. You will make the best termination letter to employer then. Here is the template. Though it might be the simplest, you can get the gist of it.

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

With this letter, I would like to inform you that I am terminating my employment with your company. My termination is effective starting from January 15, 2021. With all due respect, I came to this decision after giving it much thought and consideration. I truly enjoy working as Senior Assistant at ABC High Company.

I put high hope of the possibility of going up from my current position as promised at the beginning of my employment. However, it has been 6 years ever since and there is nothing of the sort happening. I become unable to develop more and utilize my abilities to the fullest. I find myself feeling discontent after 6 years.

I believe I have done more than enough for the better of the company and promoting me shouldn’t be such impossibility. Even so, I am thankful for you for hiring me all these years. Thanks to you, I gain enough experience to tackle higher challenge. I hope you understand why I choose to pursue other job opportunity.


Annie Liviann

Annie Liviann


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