12+ Choosing the Right Canvas Texture Template for Your Work

Canvas texture images are already available on the internet so you can enhance your blog or website’s appearance with it. But if you are a person who loves to create anything manually then you might need to choose the right canvas before starting. Here we have the character of each material for canvas and you can choose it according to your taste and your work.


About Canvas

Canvas is great yet sturdy material that uses the fabric as basic. The fabric has been treated in a certain way so it is able to handle pigmented inks and provide an excellent quality in the result. Canvas holds the archival property that is able to retain the printed image vibrant due to its acid-free characteristic.

If you print an image on the canvas, you may need to spray it with a varnish. The varnish is available in glossy and matte. Spraying this thing on the printed image will protect the painting from UV light and other damaging particles.

Creating image by using canvas as its base will not require you to frame it with glass on it. Other than that, you can create an image that closely resembles the original painting. This is caused by the natural texture of the canvas that gets through the picture.

Stretched canvas

When you need to paint using the acrylic paint on the canvas, the stretched canvas is the best choice for you. Acrylic can adhere to the unprimed canvas but it could make the color becomes dull while the texture of canvas gets prominent. In order to get the better result, you can apply one or two plies of gesso coat. It gives a better absorbency.

Canvas rolls

But if you prefer to save some money and do the hassle, you can try the rolled canvas. You still can make it as the stretched canvas. Some artists who love to create unusual shapes also prefer to use the canvas roll and stretched it according to their needs. Lay the canvas on the ground is another way to create a new piece of artwork just like Jackson Pollock.

Which one is better: canvas or paper print?

Both paper and canvas prints are beautiful. However, each type of material has different characters that make each other looks unique. And when it comes to making a decision of the material, it highly depends on your aesthetic preference and budget at the same time.

For example, if you create a painting that will be hung on a wall with high-traffic intensity a paper print painting framed with a glass on it will be the best choice. You can clean it easily by using cloth and most of them do not require too much maintenance.

On the other hand, if you want your painting looks pretty original and a bit raw, canvas might offer some better points. However, canvas requires higher budget compared to the paper print painting. But if your goal is to enhance your blog appearance, you may use the canvas texture template from our website that can be downloaded for free.

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