Things to Recite Before Composing A Special Education Assistant Cover Letter

A special education assistant performs assistance to special education teachers to teach the students with disabilities. He or she is responsible to guide the students with basic life skills, like eating, dressing, taking a bath, and many more. A special education assistant sometimes substitutes the teacher who is absent. If you are captivated with this position, you may start writing a special education assistant cover letter. Before that, it would be better if you read the following explanation to make a preparation.


What are the duties of a special education assistant?

When you are about to apply for the position of special education assistant to an institution, you need to ensure that you have understood the duties. Later on, you will not be surprised with the tasks because you already have a picture in your mind. To know more about the special education assistant’s duties, you see the following list.

What are some skills to support special education assistant’s tasks?

After you know the lists of tasks,there are also some skills that you have to prepare if you want to be a special education assistant. Thus, check whether you have the following skills.

  • Physical assistance: As you work with students with disabilities, you need to help them doing something until they can complete the activities. Therefore, you should have the ability to provide physical assistance.
  • Organization: This skill demands you to be able to keep the classroom clean and safe for the students while also preparing the learning materials. The key is you must be highly organized.
  • Curriculum development: Since one of your job is to assist the teachers, you should also help them develop the curriculum. You have to ensure that the learning materials suit the students.

What are the qualifications to become a special education assistant?

If you want to be a special education assistant, there are some things that you must pass before sending your special education assistant cover letter. Here, we have summarized those qualifications for you.

  • Complete your high school diploma or bachelor’s degree in educational majors
  • Possess professional teaching certificates
  • Proven work experience with disabilities people
  • Create an appealing CVwhich highlights your skills and work experience

Special Education Assistant Cover Letter Template

Are you still confused about how to begin the cover letter? We have the template that will guide you to write it. Check it out.

Dear Ms. Annelise,

I am writing this letter to show my interest in a job position that Hufflepuff High School currently looking for, a special education assistant.

I have completed my four years of college in English Learning and Teaching majors. My abilities are including to construct a curriculum, write its lesson plans, and also adjust classroom activities and learning media. I also can help the students doing certain activities in a group to make them interact with each other.

As soon as I graduated, I was employed at a high school. From my experience, being patient and details are the keys to teach students with disabilities. I am able to memorize each of the students, so I could take a report of their progress one-on-one.

My physical skills are also excellent. I work-out almost every day, so it will be beneficial to provide assistance to them doing their physical needs.

I believe my educational background, skills, and experience will meet the qualifications to be a special education assistant at Hufflepuff High School. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion at (333)-777-2222 or email me at


Warm regards,



Nathaniel Connor


That is all about the brief summary of composing a special education assistant cover letter. We hope that it will give you inspiration to write.











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