What to Notice Before Submitting An Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

An elementary teacher undertakes to teach elementary students duties at schools. As an elementary teacher, you have some responsibilities related to your students and school. By being a teacher, it means that you should dedicate your time and energy to teach young learners about basic knowledge and skills. If you feel that this position suit you, you can write an elementary teacher cover letter. However, there are several things that you should know before submitting the cover letter to the school. Check this out.


What are the jobs of an elementary teacher?

An elementary teacher has various daily tasks that should be done. To know more about the tasks, you can see the following lists.

What are some abilities of an elementary teacher?

After knowing the teacher’s tasks, you need to measure whether you can do those things by looking at the required skills below.

  • Proper organization: Since you teach young children, you should have proper organizational skills to make them enjoy studying in the class. You need to handle the students so the classroom will keep being under control.
  • Conflict management: An elementary teacher faces young children which sometimes do whatever they want. They often make problems with their friends. It is a must for you as a teacher, to manage the conflict and remain patient.
  • Excellent communication: When you are an elementary teacher, you should deliver your lesson as clear as possible. You need to explain in detail until your students understand the subjects. This is why you should have excellent communication skills.

What can I do to become an elementary teacher?

After knowing the teacher’s tasks, you need to measure whether you can do those things by looking at the required skills below.

  • Completed a bachelor’s degree in teaching, specifically for elementary students
  • Finished a learning and teaching internship at an elementary school
  • Possess a teaching license for elementary teacher
  • Experienced in a teamwork

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Template

Beginning to write a cover letter might not be easy for you as a fresh graduate. Therefore, we already prepared an elementary teacher cover letter that would help you in writing.

Dear Principal Rudolph,

My name is Antonio Jorge and I am writing this letter to express my interest to apply for the elementary teacher position that currently needed at Lucas Education Elementary School. I got this information from the Lucas Education website last Saturday, January 30, 2021.

I have experienced in teaching third grade at Secret Moon Elementary School for the past seven years. Now I am still processing to move to Hambleden, Buckinghamshire, England on the next summer and I am interested in teaching Lucas Education Elementary School which is located in this village. I already took a teaching certification test and I am eager to teach any class.

My qualification is a Deutsch teacher. I am also fluent in speaking Italian. I can give my students the easiest way to memorize new phrases. I believe that these two languages would be beneficial for children in the future. It is important to learn some foreign languages to expand the global connections.

I have enclosed my resume and a reference letter from my previous principal. Hopefully, you are willing to review my qualifications and consider employing me the next summer. Please do not hesitate to reach me at (777)-888-3333 or email me at antoniojorge@gmail.com.

Best regards,


Antonio Jorge


That is all the brief information about writing an elementary teacher cover letter. We hope that it will give you inspiration in the next future.

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