Junior Project Manager Cover Letter Sample And Tips


What Is A Junior Project Manager?

A junior project manager has the responsibility to organize, plan and direct the projects. In short, the junior project manager leads the team in the company while overseeing the project to ensure everything is running smoothly. To be a junior project manager, there are some important skills to master. Make sure you understand this before writing the junior project manager cover letter.

What Are The Qualifications To Be A Good Project Manager?

Just like another position, becoming a junior project manager requires a candidate to have certain qualifications. Make sure to know the following list”

Essential Skills

To be a successful junior project manager, you are required to have a set of skills such as a good comprehension of financial, and the ability to adjust to the budget provided. You also have to master good communication and organizational skills. Because your job is to lead your team, you must be able to encourage your team member to do better.

Formal and Informal Training

It is not something that people don’t know if a company will choose the most experienced candidates. Most companies will look at the two aspects before deciding a candidate is qualified or not. The first your educational background, and the second one is your experience. You might consider joining various courses and certifications to support your skill.

Valuable Experience

The struggle for a fresh graduate is when they are applying for a position and the requirements include experiences. This is kind of tricky for many of them.  If you are someone who has no experience in a related field, you need to start from being a volunteer in an organization or somewhere else. You can also apply for an internship, or becoming a participant in the co-op program.

Project Management Certification

There are some ways to get certification such as getting a degree from a university, PMP (Project Management Professional), and Scrum.

Junior Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Coutney,

I am writing this letter to express my interest to become a Junior Project Manager in the ABC Company. I am confident that my qualifications match the requirements, so please look forward to the attachments I have enclosed in this letter.

I have graduated from Information Technology with a bachelor’s degree from YzG University. I have finished the study four years with an excellent GPA, 3.79. During my study, I also joined a debate community where I can improve my analytic and organizational skills.  Besides, I was also a member of the TTY Foundation which focuses on children’s educations. During my service, I worked with other team members running various projects for kids who need education. These were a wonderful experience and had taught me a lot of things.

I am also experienced in creating various reports from budgeting, documentations, and many more. I did it a lot during my apprenticeship and my service in the organizations.

If you are willing to discuss it, please reach me at (555)666-666 or by email at helena.karim@email.com.


Sincerely Yours,


Helena Karim

Enclosure: Resume

A junior project manager is a potential position for you who want to level up the career. Make sure you write the junior project manager cover letter is an excellent way which means emphasizing your skills and experiences related to the position.



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