Implementation Of Customs And Border Protection Officer Cover Letter

In addressing your resume to take an available position offered by the company, you may include an additional file to support your candidacy. And creating a customs and border protection officer cover letter is one of the best solutions. For instance, you are interested in being a customs and border protection (CBP) officer, you could address this letter along with your resume. This will increase your opportunity to be considered as a convincing candidate for the position.


What Is A Customs And Border Protection Officers?

CBP officers have the responsibility to take down any suspicious activity that may take a further loss to the country. This occasion’s main purpose is to secure any illegal activity, preventing terrorism possibility, and enforce the laws on the border of the United States that prone to criminal activity. Being a CBP officer requires a good physical condition and interpersonal skills to prevent any misconduct. It is obvious that this occasion will always relate to interaction with others in order to get particular information to enforce the laws and provide security.

What Requirements To Be A Customs And Border Protection Officers?

Generally, CBP officers should be passed the exam before qualified being an official officer. Since this occasion is available only in the United States, the candidates should be U.S citizen and at least resided in the country for three years. In addition, you will gain a higher possibility to be accepted if possessing a valid driver’s license. The other condition requirements such as passing drug tests, background checks, physical tests, and medical exams.

How To Write A Customs And Border Protection Officers Cover Letter?

Greet the recipient and introduce yourself in a brief included by mention your qualification and experience. You should write it in a formal language and pay attention to your grammar and spelling. A few mistakes made in the letter may impact your candidacy. Use a positive tone in the letter which shows your worth to get the position.

Example Of Customs And Border Protection Officers Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Savenation,

I am applying for the position of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer since I found out the information of available position in the district – on the official website. I have registered at and experienced in this field which in line with my recent position as a military. I am qualified with all the requirements for being a CBP officer.

I have the skills needed to monitor any suspicious activity that may bring loss to our country. I absolutely understand this position which involves search and secure action at the border of the country. I am capable to stay calm and prevent any insecure situations were supported by the ability to interact with many people with various backgrounds. I possess three languages which may help me in duties and able to speak fluently.

I have many capabilities such as check the information of travelers, maintain national security, and if necessary I could detain suspects and conduct interrogations that indicate something that may harm our land. I have good interpersonal skills and truly observant in every situation. I meet the citizenship and any other requirements to fill up this position.

Please call me at (123)-1231234 for further information or arrange an interview.


Charlie Cortez
Encl: Resume

Hope this explanation is enough to fulfill your satisfaction in understanding this customs and border protection officer cover letter. Do not hesitate to edit the example on your behalf.



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