6+ Wedding Program Template


Use Wedding Program Template Sample to Create Your Stunning Wedding

Before you run your wedding program, you need to plan it. On the wedding day, you must consider what the activities are and the number of guests who come. Make sure that they know what you should do in your special moment. If you are not sure what you have to write in your program for the wedding, there are many wedding program template samples. 

What Should Be In The Template?

Checklists are great to save you from the hectic situation of preparing your wedding. The lists you need to check is about the entertainment you will provide for the guests as well as the bridesmaids’ stuff they should have. By having this kind of checklist template, you could not miss any single thing to be on your big day.

In the wedding program template sample, you need to make a program to keep your guests engaged in the program of your wedding celebration. You have to include the essential details of your wedding program in the template, especially in the ceremony and the receptions. You can ask your friend to make it for you.

1. The items should be in the wedding program template sample

Here are the lists you don’t have to miss if the getting married couple is asking you to create the program.

  • Make sure that you write the names of your friends who are getting married, as well as.
  • The ceremony and reception lists of activities. Such as the prayers, lists of songs, the unity ceremony, and many more.
  • The descriptions of your getting married friends’ family as well as cultural traditions. That you want to be included in the event.
  • Make the program more personal by adding the personal story of the couple in the wedding program template sample.
  • You can put their photos to show the moments in their relationship. You can start it with the childhood photos of the couple.
  • The reception venue is important to be drawn in the template.
  • The program of gratitude from the couple to their parents and families or friends need to be highlighted.

2. Benefits of the template

This template will give you an easy rundown to follow in the Big Day of your friends. Plus, other friends can take over it whether you are not in the venue at that moment.


Those are how you can create your wedding program template sample. You can help your friends in their special moment.


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