4+ Roblox Shirt Template Transparent Sample


Get To Know the Roblox Shirt Template Transparent Sample

Nowadays, many games are offered to play but to create based on. What the players want and need at once? One of the games is Roblox. This is a multiplayer game that played online, which aimed at children.

What is fresh in Roblox? It is how you, as parents, can create and build the games as well as socialization. Moreover, you can create your clothes with the avatars available on this site. Get closer to know Roblox shirt template transparent sample.


Here’s to Download Roblox Shirt Template Transparent Sample

Playing games and having the shirts with the design of the game’s avatars would be lovable. Roblox offers you these two things. You can create your games as well as your shirts. Let’s check it out.

You must have a registration on the Roblox website. If you already have one, you can log in and enter the character customization page. Then, click My Wardrobe. There will be a button named Shirts. Click it. The blue button will appear at the top of the screen. Then, click it. The Shirt Template button will be there. Click it to get the Roblox Shirt template transparent sample. Right-click it then saves the template you want.


1. Customize the Template of Roblox

After downloading it on your computer, then start to custom the design in the template as you wish. If you have your design, you can sell the custom shirts to your children’s parents who play similar games you create.

  • Start to customize it by opening a paint program. You have to load the template you save before.
  • Customize based on what you want.
  • If you have finished customizing, including the colors, and the drawing design, you save this file.

2. Re-upload the customized template on Roblox Website

After you finish customizing, upload to the website to get your  Roblox shirt template transparent sample. 

  • Open the page of My Wardrobe on the Roblox website again.
  • Then, you re-click the Create button and Browse.
  • The saved template you have can upload through the button Create Shirt.


Now, you can make your Roblox shirt template transparent sample and upload it. You can use your design to make your shirt and can multiply it for your children’s team of the games.


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