5+ Performance Review Template

Making Performance Review Template Sample for Your Company


One manager’s responsibility is to review employee performance for a specified period. Sometimes, it will be mixed feelings when the manager writes the performance review. How to create the Performance Review Template Sample for the employees?

Performance Review Template Sample

This template is about to give the written reviews that are to improve the performance of the employees. It is also to celebrate the well-build accomplishments of them as well. The types of these reviews are varied based on the company.

When you, as a manager, are asked to write a template, you must remember its use. This template is to review the goal-focused and the productivity of the employees as the assets of the company. You must be careful when publishing this kind of template.


Create a Performance Review Template Sample

Here are the tips for creating a performance review template sample?

  1. The Information in performance review template sample

You need to write about the quality as well as the accuracy of the employees’ work. The ability of them to meet the goals established and the deadlines. The communication skills you take into account in the template are essential to do.

When you review the employees, you need to state the skills of problem-solving you have in aim to give an improvement to the employees.


  1. Write the template in the eligible words

Sometimes, to give a performance review to the employees is a bit reluctant since both the managers and the employees stated in the model are workers of a company. But what makes it different is the job of the manager done. Managers are responsible for reviewing employee performance. By writing the template using the single words, this performance review template sample can be valuable.

  1. Make the template balance

When you release a review, you need to consider the balanced sections of it. The review template can be harmful since it is to improve the employee’s performance. Once you write the negative review, you need to focus on the positive reviews, which can grow the confidence of the employees.


Creating the performance review template sample should be clear and balance that is to show the negative and positive issues as well. Focus on the performance in detail will be helpful to improve their skills as well as to celebrate their achievement.



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