The Proper Format in Writing A Leaving on Good Terms Resignation Letter

Resigning properly will help you maintain good relationships with your former employer and co-workers. Even if you leave work elegantly and nicely, you still have to follow the procedures and aspects to show your politeness. As has been done by all employees who quit a job, you also need to write a leaving on good terms resignation letter before officially resigning from the company.


What Should I Include in My Resignation Letter?

A good resignation letter must be written in a standard format that is commonly used, for example by including several important things such as the following:

Express Your Gratitude

You need to thank your former employer for the job opportunity. With the work experience you have got, you can be an expert and professional in doing things in your field.

Write The Specific Date

Mention a specific date when the last day you worked. That way, the salary and compensation you receive can be calculated with certainty.

Explain the Reason for Resigning

You may have previously met with your employer to discuss your resignation. still and all, you need to write the reasons why you resigned from the company.

Helping the Transition

You can also state your availability to help the transition period by writing your contact information and insisting that you are ready to answer some questions after officially resigning for a smooth transition period.

What Is The Proper Format For A Resignation Letter?

Even though you have a good and close relationship with your employer, you should write your good terms resignation letter in a formal and elegant format. The letter you write should be short and have at least three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you need to write a warm greeting and express that you will resign. Make sure you write the official date of resignation followed by the reason you are resigning.

In the next paragraph, write your availability to assist with the transition period, contact information, and perhaps any projects you have not completed. In the closing section, you must say thank you for being allowed to join the company.

Good Terms Resignation Letter Sample

After understanding the brief explanation above, you can see the example below to help you write your resignation letter:

Dear Mr. Douglas,

I am writing to confirm my resignation from Excellent Company. As I said before, I decided to focus on continuing my business, so I couldn’t continue working at your company because of my busy schedule. My last day of work will be on January 17, 2021, so I hope you will accept this letter as my official two-week notification. I appreciate your understanding.

I still have an unfinished project and I will finish it immediately in these two weeks. Apart from that, I will also be happy to assist my successor in the transition period. Please call me at (666)-6666-666 or email me at, I will be happy to reply to all your messages.

I am grateful for all the important and amazing experiences I have had while working with you and other colleagues at Excellent Company. I will miss the pleasant office atmosphere. I hope Excellent company will be more successful in the future.



Olivia Judith


Excellent Company

In conclusion, writing good terms resignation letter will help you to establish good relationships with your former employers and co-workers in the future. Hope our explanation above can help you.


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