Tips To Write A Polite Corporate Officer Resignation Letter

Handling an important role in a business industry may make it difficult for you to resign. Especially if you are in a key position in an industry. Many parties will feel shaken, sad, lost, or perhaps disappointed knowing that you are going to resign. But you can still handle it by writing a proper and professional corporate office resignation letter. The first thing you need to do is start drafting your letter and reviewing it over and over. Before that, consider some of the tips for writing your letter in this article.

What Circumstances Cause A Corporate To Resign?

An official who resigns from the company is unfortunate, but several things make a corporate prefer to resign. Some of these include being disqualified by the company due to certain errors, conflict, ill health, or other personal reasons. In this case, a corporate must write a resignation letter about 14 days before officially leaving the company.

What Is The Format of Resignation Letter For Corporate?

As an office corporate who is about to resign from office, you must write a corporate officer resignation letter professionally so that it leaves a positive impression. It cannot be denied that your letter will probably spread to all employees, even to media outlets and broadcast live in general.

The elements that you must include in your letter include the date of resignation, the names of the recipients of the letter, reasons for resigning, offers of assistance during the transition period, other important information you would like to add, the conclusion of the letter, the closing, and your signature at the end of your letter.

Corporate Officer Resignation Letter Sample

Leaving a job as an employee who handles an important role in the company is difficult. If you do, there may be some strong reasons which force you to keep resigning. As an example of the letter below:

Dear President Gates,

Please accept my resignation letter as official notification that I am resigning as the Chief Operations Officer at ABC Company. I regret and apologize for my mistake in giving bad service to our clients so that they do not want to work with us anymore, even many investors have doubts about the performance of this company. I should be more careful in providing service to clients.

Before I officially leave the company, I will remain here to help with the transition period until my successor is active and running well. However, if you and the board of directors disagree with my intention, I am still willing to leave this company according to your directions.

I have written a letter of apology to the client for the damaged goods sent by the company, I have explained that the damage originated purely from the manufacturer. I was very careless because I didn’t check it first, I know that I should have done a thorough check before delivering the goods to the client. Please give me a chance to help the transition run smoothly. Once again I apologize for the mistakes I made, I hope the new COO will give a better performance.



Dalton Parker

That’s all our description of the corporate officer resignation letter and the sample. Hope our explanation above can help you a lot in writing your letter of resignation.


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